Blast From The Past: Grim Fandango

"If someone came to you and told you that one of the greatest games you’ll ever play started out in the office of a travel agent selling deluxe package trips for his roster of clients, you’d probably think that they we’re absolute fools for liking such a monotonous game. However you’d be totally wrong. What makes Grim Fandango so special, and astronomically good, is it’s humble opening that spans into a genre defining adventure, albeit an adventure that tested the boundaries of traditional game design."

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yog-sothot2455d ago

Never had the chance to play this one... Hopefully it will be released on at some point.

I'm quite in a "vintage" mood right now. Just played Dungeon Keeper 2 and Vampire Bloodlines ^_^

RankFTW2455d ago

It's a great game mate, loved this back in the day. Some of the puzzles were pretty tough for my 12 year old brain heh.