Underrated Gems - Siren: Blood Curse | HH Review

Siren: Blood Curse is an underrated gem that far too many horror fans have overlooked.

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phinch2506d ago

need to get this game again, never finished it, bet its expensive now even second hand

xer02506d ago

I love this game. The environment is great... and the game actually makes you jump at certain stages.

Compared to Resident evil and other horror games, this gen... you actually care about the safety of the characters.

I'm still waiting on a sequel!

maniacmayhem2506d ago

I bought all the episodes for this when it came out on psn.

One of the best games I've played on ps3. Very creepy and suspenseful, not to many games can get that eerie feel but this game pulled it off and so much more.

rmedtx2506d ago

Siren: Blood Curse is an awesome game. The only thing that ruined it was the episodic part of it. Even if you buy the blu-ray version oversees the game still plays in episodes and I hated that.

phinch2506d ago

well its abit hard to explain several characters stories without splitting it up into would you have done it?

ArchangelMike2506d ago

great game, shame about the controls

Skate-AK2505d ago

I have it and it's pretty crazy. My wiener dog howls at the music that it plays on the XMB.

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