Amazing Battlefield 3 video shows off the choices available in DICE's FPS game

DSOGaming writes: "Jackfrags released an amazing machinima video which showcases the choices that are available in Battlefield 3. Players can play alongside their teamates, alone, or by actually using the abilities of their classes. As the video proves, Battlefield 3 is all about choice and players should be aware of that. This is not your typical run n gun FPS game. Enjoy!"

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ramtah2457d ago

The Games it selv is very good but EA servers sucks!

zeroreloaded2457d ago

EA always had a knack for ruining games...

Animal Mutha 762457d ago

If only it looked and ran like that on my xbox....

My PC is too weedy also...

Great game

Venjense2457d ago

I know, but I wish even more that it only aimed like that on my PS3.

DICE will never fix that controller lag for PS3 I'm afraid.

ZILLA2457d ago

nothing else comes close(period)

BattleTorn2457d ago

AAAhHH. I meant to press 'Agree'!!!

I have successfully converted a few of my CoD friends.

"Battlefield is so much better" is now their mantra, as well.

theEXPATRIATED2457d ago

I've been trying to do the same since July :( They're just too stubborn..

gcolley2456d ago

Ive been trying since BC1

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