5th installment of Ace Attorney Confirmed

At an event in Japan marking 10 years of the popular series Ace Attorney, Capcom have announced that the series will receive a 5th installment.

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DrunkDan2456d ago

Can't wait.

Quite possibly my favourite game series. Hopefully it gets a western release...

Jantrit2456d ago

I'm sure it will, its fairly popular in the west as well, hopefully popular enough!

Jallen2456d ago

After enjoying Ghost Trick so much I think I might give the Ace Attorney games a chance. Depending on the platform of course.

Jantrit2456d ago

Never really paid much attention to the series before but I think I might give it a go and see if I can get into it. The series doesnt seem to have any shortage of momentum if this is anything to go by!

DrunkDan2456d ago

You should definitely give the series a chance.

It's well written, funny and the characters are really well developed (especially over the course of the series) and the artwork is fantastic.