Why Rayman Origins is one of the best games of the generation

TVGB: How many of you remember the glory days of the limbless legend of gaming that is Rayman? When the original Rayman was released on the Playstation in 1995, the gaming world was met with yet another character that could potentially rise to tackle the icons that were Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog.

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Yi-Long2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

... that Ubisoft went 'greedy' with this game by releasing it as a full-priced retail-game, instead of just releasing it on PSN/XBLA for 10-15 euro.

Now, it kinda 'flopped' saleswise, while I'm 100% certain it would have been a huge saleshit as a downloadable game, probably selling at least 10 times as many copies.

Right now, within 2 months of release, the game is now for sale at many e-tailers for around 20 euro or less. I'm sure it will go even lower still.

If that's the case, and this was all already predicted in advance btw, they really should have been a little less greedy, and they probably would have made a whole lot more money, by releasing it as a cheaper digital download only.

I'm not saying the game isn't worth 60 euro. It probably IS.

I'm saying releasing a game like this, in todays market, in the period of the year when all the 'BIG' games are also getting released, it will have a very very hard time CONVINCING people a 2D platformer is actually worth 50-60 euro!

princejb1342452d ago

the demo was awesome
if i wasn't unemployed i would definitely pick it up
but your right in todays market games like these won't even be looked at twice when they see it in a gaming store

Baka-akaB2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

The problem lies with the release period and the utter lack of promotion . Not it being a 2d game , thus not deemed "worthy enough of full retail release" .

The game didnt even get 1% of AC revelations' marketing funding . Nor even 1% of the rabbid rabbit's .

Yi-Long2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

... I didn't say 'worthy enough of a full retail release'.

I said it IS probably good enough to warrant the 50-60 euro price, HOWEVER, in todays market it will have a very hard time CONVINCING people it's worth that kinda money for a 2D platformer.

Especially because there are so many GREAT 2D games now available as digital download for a fraction of the price on PSN/XBLA. Super Meat Boy is arguably the best 2D platformer this generation, has more content, and was only 400MSP this christmas on XBLA.

Other than that, you have games like Outland and Shadow Complex and MegaMan 9 and 10 etc etc.

Not to mention the competition a game has from games that are now available for 10-15 euro in the bargainbins at local stores. Deus Ex 3, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, etc etc.

The 50-60 euro retailprice for Rayman Origins meant that ONLY hardcore Rayman fans and/or platformer fans picked it up for full price.

If it had launched for 1200MSP/15 euro on XBLA/PSN, it would have appealed to a MUCHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh bigger audience, probably sold at least 10 times more, and usually great games on XBLA/PSN keep selling for many years, as opposed to most retail games.

Baka-akaB2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

Yeah was rushing to reply so noticed and edited afterward .

Anyway you could be right . But it wasnt given a chance by it's publisher anyway .

I sense , that they sent the game to death without a care , to quell Ancel's itch to do a proper rayman game , before shipping him off to other duties .

Basically "see Michel we allowed your rayman game , it's not working , now STFU and go back to the rabbits"

TheLastGuardian2452d ago

I love Rayman Origins to death. It's the greatest 2D sidecroller I've ever played. I've never played the first 3 but I really want to now. I really hope Rayman Origins gets DLC and a sequel.

I hate that some people think 2D platformers don't deserve full retail releases. How are 2D platformers any less of a game than any other genre? We need way more full retail platformers this gen. The download only platformers are good but they don't have enough content. If Rayman Origins doesn't deserve to be sold at $60, no game does.

Stealth2k2452d ago

it isnt even one of the best paltformers of the year

fredrikpedersen2452d ago

Same as your weren't one of the biggest dumb-asses of last year, I'm sure.

from the beach2452d ago

It's one of the better ones of last year, at least give it that.. as far as side scrollers this generation go it doesn't rate amongst the likes of DKC R, Mega Man 9, Hard Corps Uprising and various Mario titles.

If anything it's doomed Rayman by becoming a colossal sales flop.

frelyler2452d ago

I have to disagree. Rayman multiplayer is phenomenal and a blast. Haven't had that much fun since Power Stone, seriously guys pick this game up. The SP is awesome as well.

dark-hollow2452d ago

Thanks god a good platformer that isnt mario...
Gotta pick it up with the vita.

grailly2452d ago

it isn't mario, but it isn't as good either. visually it is stunning, and in that regard better than mario imo.
gameplay-wise, it doesn't feel as good as mario, the controls just aren't as tight. you'll notice it in later level, where it becomes quite frustrating. Also, i thought I would have a good time playing it with my non-gamer friends... they actually did not like it at all and just said it was trash and stopped playing after 30 minutes.

it's still a really good game though, but you must play it with the right people.

Venox20082452d ago

gotta agree with every word..

Razongunz2452d ago

i don't like this at all but thats my opinion tough... never liked rayman..except rayman 3, if they remade rayman 3 i would probbably get that, but anothe rayman..and 2D thanks just doesnt looks like something i would play :/

dark-hollow2452d ago

sometimes a good game with high rates and critically acclaimed but yet, you dont feel motivated to buy it but once you do you wont regret it.

Hell, i just bought dead space 1&2 and i couldnt be any happier!

_LarZen_2452d ago

I just loved this game, if I see a other Mario game im gonna poke my eyes out. So sick of that little fat plummer :)

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