Console XP: Final Fantasy XII-2 Review

Steven Ross wrote: "If you were one of the fans that were extremely disappointed with Final Fantasy XII, I highly doubt that XII-2 will meet your expectations. Do yourself a favor to not attempt playing this sequel; if anything, give it a rent. RPGs are meant to focus on storytelling, plot, and characters development. Final Fantasy XII doesn’t fulfill those attributes; instead, it makes a mockery out of Japanese styled RPGs."

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zu4G2481d ago

well thanks for reviewing..

velcry2480d ago

Hmm. I have serious doubts as to whether or not this reviewer even played the game.

The structure and layout of the review, down to the decision to label one boss "Super Saiyan", to playing the game on mute on account of the soundtrack, to singling out Chocolina... it is all toooo similar to Joystiq's review.

Compare this review against Joystiq's -->

Furthermore, the game just came out. This is a new website. (see: I'm not sure a new website will be able to get the game ahead of time to do a proper game review.

In the end, when you read this review and Joystiq's review, you'll see that you don't really learn anything more from this review at all.

Time to fire this writer, Consolexp.

SlickJ2480d ago

@ velcry

Under whois, it says Console xp Copyright © 1999-2012

I really don't see the comparison except for that 1 line you quoted. I've also seen that line on other reviews but worded differently. I guess reviewers think the soundtrack sucks.

Also, the reviewer stated that it's an import review (read comment section)

CarlitoBrigante2480d ago

The game sucks, period.

Why did they even bother making this game? We never wanted this.

FFX got FFX-2 becoz fans screamed for a sequel.

Everybody is hating on FF13, but it got a sequel too.

Epic fail Squeenix

Ilovetheps42480d ago

Did the reviewer even play the game? He called it XII-2 multiple times. How do you screw up the name of the game you are playing so many times?

Taz Yamauchi2480d ago

Sometimes I would get so bored with 13 I would forget the Character's names. He was bored

Tameel12480d ago

Maybe he/she isn't very good with Roman numerals? I know I've screwed up the FF titles in the past. Just a simple mistake. Not really 'proof' he/she hasn't played the game.

-Gespenst-2480d ago

I'm not leaping on this guy for putting down a game I'm looking forward to, but the fact that he repeatedly called the game XII-2 (12-2) is sort of damaging to his reviews' credibility. You'd almost think it was inflammatory. Like he just has a vendetta against SE. Whatever though, the game's got a lot of great reviews elsewhere and I'm gonna decide the game's quality for myself.

bobbyluv2480d ago

This is a biased review. You cant trust a review when you know the reviewer went into the game with a negative opinion.

Blastoise2480d ago

Why not? Chances are he wasnt a fan of FFXIII and went in with the mindset that FFXIII-2 fixed most of the problems, because thats what every other reviewer said

Stealth2k2480d ago

this is a bullshit review it isnt even accurate. I can take a bad score if it was

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