GameSpot's Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Hands-On With the Japanese Version

GameSpot grabs the Japanese version of GT Prologue and burns some rubber:

"Gran Turismo 5 is here. Well, okay, it's actually not the full version of Polyphony Digital's fifth iteration of the GT series; it's in fact Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, and no, it's not available in America yet. Instead, we downloaded the game onto the GameSpot office's Japanese PlayStation 3 to get a sneak peek at what to expect once it eventually does arrive here in the States. Nonetheless, the arrival of any GT game is a big event, and we've been happy to explore its various nooks and crannies since its release."

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Relcom4736d ago

Now they just need to release it everywhere else, cause sorry i just don't know Japanease.

Darkiewonder4736d ago

^^ It's not long of a wait.

Relcom4736d ago

i can wait i got UT3 COD4 and uncharted, so i'm good

Rice4736d ago

All i need is uncharted and ut3.... There goes another 120 bucks out of my wallet

iNcRiMiNaTi4736d ago

i wonder how online will be, i wanna be able to set up tourneys and stuff.

eagle214735d ago

I tried to not show teeth when I

2 cents4735d ago

Man, got Forza2 and PGR, and completed both. PGR is alot of fun to play but is not a racing sim, Forza2! I given up playing that as soon as i finished it as i could`t stand the graphics. And i only played it for achievments. And anyone who compares Forza with GT don`t know what they are talking about. GT is in another ligue.
There`s not much to do in GTHD but i still play it everyday, and forza2 is catching dust.

Dareaver14735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

and you too 2 Cents, why don't you have your gamertag posted then to let us see all your 970 achievement points on Forza 2. I thought i would hear some good 'New' news about GT Pro, but all i hear is what i expected. Great graphics and car models. I'm sorry but you can't compliment the physics and then say the cars seem to floaty, that sounds redundant.

Forza 2 is the epitome of console simulation racing. That's it, GT 4 was over-rated and over-appreciated and lost when compared to the original Forza. GT pro and if this development continues GT 5 will have the same fate.

Did you know that in Forza 2, all that physics data that you can see during the race is actually real time. When your tires start to heat up, you get increased grip throughout the race over time. Not some novelty like other games. I mean the tire info is so in-depth that Goodyear was using there tire demos and info for their own research. That shows legitimacy and an insane love/obsession with what they where trying to create. The AI has their own personality, and if you bump them, be sure to know that if opportunity presents itself the aggressive AI drivers will bump you back.

It's not all about graphics, Forza 2 is the true console driving simulator/racer. It induces a car lust like no other game. You can personalize your car to an insane degree. Make rear drive CRX's, it gives the car enthusiast what they need to express there lust for the internal combustion engine powered automobiles. GT is just a pretty picture with o.k. racing. Nothing more and certainly nothing less. Because it was GT that got me into sim racing, but it has been outdone, and needs to step its game up.

TwissT4736d ago

This game will take racing sims to a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL

osirisomeomi4735d ago

This preview seems to stand out as being down on the game. They have issue with the jazz music for the menus being to 'saccharine' (aka sweet). They think the entry-level races are 'too easy'. They're ENTRY LEVEL RACES!

It's like they ignored every good thing about this game, of which there are many, and nitpicked their way into a mediocre preview. It's shameful, and looks like they're judging GT to a higher standard. I've never seen a paragraph on menu music being slightly too sweet in terms of jazzy sound before.

mrguru4735d ago

ehh where have you been the past week for the most part gamespot sucks. gamespot and politicians go hand in hand these days.

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