Nintendo Working On Speech Recognition Technology

Recent reports out of Japan confirm that Nintendo is teaming up with other companies, such as Communications giant, NTT, to develop and research Speech Recognition technology.

The stated purpose is to help disabled children to take notes in class by having their DS do it automatically for them, but one must question: What other uses for this technology does Nintendo have in store?

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FriedGoat2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

Good for disabled children but not as a feature. I doubt they could improve upon siri and even that is slloooowww. Its quicker to just do/type it yourself. And they wonder why they are haemorrhaging money.

Menashe2452d ago

What if it were for something like giving orders to your troops in Advance Wars? If they only have a few commands it could be it would work better than Siri because there wouldn't be a whole dictionary for it to learn.

kneon2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

Siri's voice recognition uses software from Nuance, as do many other products. I don't know why Nintendo feel they need to go out on their own, there are already plenty of companies that provide voice recognition software.

rexbolt2451d ago

maybe they want one that works right?

kneon2451d ago

It's unlikely they will come up with something better than those who have been working on it for decades.

mamotte2451d ago

Oh, a company made by someone to get money by selling things, is getting money by selling things to us.

The b-tards...

Poor sony and MS, they only sell consoles and games by charity.

-end sarcasm-

SpoonyRedMage2451d ago

Tomodachi Collection uses voice recognition a lot(which is why it wasn't localised) and was a multimillion selling game in Japan. Nintendo can definitely afford to splash out on voice recognition.

Sobari2451d ago

I'm sure kids would love to be able to call out their attacks in Pokemon. I'd never use it, but if I was still a kid, I'd love that shit.