Tetsuya Nomura Teases Secret Game

Tetsuya Nomura was recently interviewed by Famitsu Magazine and let some really juicy info loose about a secret game currently in development.

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badz1492455d ago

WTF? a secret game? where's versus??

Army_of_Darkness2455d ago

Damn! Its like they are trying everything possible to avoid finishing off verses13?! Is SE purposely doing this so they can release it for next gen consoles, which may also give them more time to make it multi platform?? Hmm..

bakasora2454d ago

Like we get to play it within 5 years?

Taz Yamauchi2455d ago

I dont want your secret game I want versus 13, please stop making me mad

MariaHelFutura2455d ago

Relax. Team Ico took 6 years to make SOTC and it was well worth it. FFV13 will be well worth the wait, if the gameplay vids reflect the overall expierence. As the saying goes.... Great things come to those who wait....

Snookies122455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

I know it's not possible of course, but I just wish it could be Bushido Blade 3 or Chrono Trigger 2 haha... That would be the greatest thing ever in the world for me... o_o

Also, no I don't believe it is Kingdom Hearts III, they want to put all their being into that game, which is why Nomura-san specifically mentioned he wouldn't be starting work on it until after Versus XIII is finished.

MariaHelFutura2455d ago

Bushido Blade for the PS Move is my dream game. 1-2 hit kills w/ online matches. Decapitations and all that.

Snookies122455d ago

Lol, I think someone didn't like Bushido Blade, whoever disagreed with both of us. XD

Anyway, as much as I don't care for motion controls, I do have to say that would be amazing. Anything Bushido Blade... Would just be... Amazing...

MariaHelFutura2455d ago

LOL. I don't care for motion controls either. But... Bushido Blade would be the exception. Its not like I wouldn't play it w/ a controller though.

Baka-akaB2455d ago

Versus 2 !! And yeah i'm a bit trolling :p

iMaim2455d ago

So Noctus and friends become a boy band with changeable dress spheres?


Dark112455d ago

The 3rd birthday sequel for ps3 and this time the game will have a good story!


Pozzle2455d ago

Or just a proper Parasite Eve sequel that ignores The 3rd Birthday. :D

*fingers crossed*

Dark112455d ago

Well as long as aya brea is the main character this time
i won't care. :p

Inception2455d ago

With 3rd birthday sold so poorly, i don't think SE will ever touch PE and the 3rd birthday again.

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The story is too old to be commented.