Should Sony be Worried About the PlayStation Vita? Maybe it Already is.

Kotaku: Despite the fact almost every games writer I've ever spoken with loves the thing, the general public has, so far, not exactly warmed to Sony's latest handheld video games console.

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disturbing_flame2456d ago

Of course Sony worry about the future of its device. Which industrial wouldn't be stressed before the release of a new product on the market ?

It's like if i asked you,LUKE PLUNKETT, should you be worried about the economy of your country ? Should you be worried about the debts the USA contract each and every year ? Should you be worried about the global economy collapsing and the dollar losing its weight on the global market ? If not, i think you take the video game industry too seriously.

Yes Sony is worry as they should be, that doesn't mean the Vita will fail; just that nobody can predict the success of the device now.

If the system is great, well supported and people love it, it will sell. If not, it will be more difficult for Sony to make it sexy to potential users.

JohnnyMann4202456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

I don't think I am going to be alone when I buy it the first week when it's out in a few weeks here.

I own an iPhone 4S and its a kickass device, but it isn't console gaming in the least. The things that work on the iPhone work well, but it is really hard to replace a console controller.

I think the Vita will end up doing fairly well for a gaming handheld and still not beat the sales of the original DS because that is what is/was cheaper for the kids... lol.

Abdou232456d ago

I have been a SONY fan since the first Playstation and i own all PlaystationS. But i won't buy PSV because to me it's just an overpriced portable PS3 with touch screen and in 2 years it's graphics would be outdated. I prefer to play games like Uncharted - Resistance and others on my big screen TV.

BrutallyBlunt2456d ago

The real issue is going to be the 3G Vita. The whole crowd at E3 let out one big sigh when they announced it being partnered with AT&T. This is why we are now seeing that package being more aggressive in bundles/pricing. Sales in Japan probably also favor the cheaper wi-fi model as well.

I hate to tell you all but Sony will be facing a different industry, much like Nintendo did. Things have changed drastically over the past few years and even though many think smart-phones and tablets don't directly impact dedicated gaming devices like Vita think again.

You will NEVER get any correlation between what people say on game forums and actual sales in retail. If so Call Of Duty would sell a hell of a lot less as would Kinect and the Wii. N4G is particularly bad for being way too optimistic with anything related to Sony products.

Now before anybody quickly hits disagrees because I am simply speaking the truth, I think Vita looks like an amazing product. I'm just not sure how much I would actually use it. I have a Playstation 3 and I also have a smartphone that plays games.

Even though Sony is selling Vita at a loss I expect they too will have a price cut before Christmas like the 3DS did. Things have changed in the gaming industry and some just don't want to admit it.

f7897902455d ago

Graphics will always be outdated in 2 years by new hardware.

Shok2456d ago

"If sweetening the deal just after launch is panicking, what's it called when a company feels compelled to do it before a handheld is even released?"

Exactly. Of course though, it's different when it comes to a certain company.....

Anyways, I'll be buying a Vita, but not a launch. Right now there isn't much that interests me except Wipeout (love that series). I just played Uncharted 3 late last year, so I don't need another Uncharted experience so soon.

Coltrane_C2456d ago

Your Comment about Uncharted makes no sense...your just grasping for straws

TheObserver2456d ago

You guys know the drill: Sony is doomed, hide yo kids, hide yo wife.

KwietStorm2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

and hide ya trophies, cause they raping Sony out here

Insomnia_842456d ago

It's Kotaku ...what do you expect??

tehpees32456d ago

It will well enough to make it successful. What people need to worry about is the software sales. Games don't look so hot in sales.

sly-Famous2456d ago

And here we go..................again.

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