Tech-Gaming | Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review

While fixing many of XIII’s well-publicized flaws, Final Fantasy XIII-2 inevitably spawns a few new faults. Mercifully, none of these missteps prohibit the title from being a consistently enjoyable title throughout its thirty-five hour core playtime nor its additional twenty hours of supplemental side quests.

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CharmingMan2478d ago

Take into account that the site likes JRPGs.

Capt-FuzzyPants2478d ago

Doesn't that mean they should be more critical on RPGs?

RaptorMan2478d ago

I can't figure out whats going on half the time in these games, but there's always something about them I love.

sharpsword2478d ago

Glad to hear it's better than XIII. I spend $20 on that and felt took.

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