Is the Resident Evil franchise dead?

Xbigygames writes: Resident Evil has been one of my favourite franchises in my young gaming history. I remember playing the second game on my Playstation 1 and being scared sh*tless of the ‘licker’ enemy. Even now when I go back to play the Resident Evil games there is a sense of isolation and fear that is missing from modern games. The confined spaces, fixed cameras and dreary music always put me slightly on edge. The game was never anything to have nightmares over, but it still had scares in it.

Things have changed over years and the latest trailer for Resident Evil 6 seems to have taken the series down the action route. So what exactly has happened to Resident Evil then? Simple, it has been westernised.

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Kamikaze1352456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

It still sells and we're getting 3 RE games this no...It's an "undead" franchise *runs*

DarkBlood2456d ago

been spotted by the nemesis have u sir? :P

fluffydelusions2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

I think it was meant to mean was the RE games that made it popular e.g. 1-3 dead...that style.

Tanir2455d ago

o yeah u mean the style that made RE just a puzzle game in a horror setting? the style with one of the worse combat systems ever, Yep, thankfully.

still those old games were so fun, i think RE just needs to keep the same atmosphere like the old ones and it will be fine in the face of the nostalgiac . eitherway i have loved every RE game almost ever soooo yeah :D

jeeves862455d ago

It's a 15 year old game style. So yeah...let it rest in peace.

Xbigygames2456d ago

The game will stay alive. Like I said, I'm looking forward to RE 6. Just has the game lost its way. It's like Die Hard 4. Good film, but not really a 'Die Hard' film. RE 6 will be great probably, just not a proper RE game!

NYC_Gamer2455d ago

a franchise that sells isn't dead

Az1mov2455d ago

more like undead and rampant

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The story is too old to be commented.