Why I Have No Hope Left In Resident Evil 6

Panels on Pages writes: On January 19th, Capcom released the first trailer for the next installment in the Resident Evil series, Resident Evil 6. The trailer showed a lot of returning themes, characters and settings this time around. Returning to the series would be fan favorite Leon Kennedy and recent Resident Evil protagonist Chris Redfield along with an unnamed new zombie fighter to head up the the whole “stopping the zombie apocalypse” thing. Actual zombies, bio-mech monsters, slide kicks, going to China, shooting the zombie president, walking and shooting AT THE SAME TIME, Super-Fly Co-Host “King” Travis Ray being super excited. Why is it that I couldn’t be less interested in a return to Resident Evil?

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decrypt2457d ago

Well Capcom have done everything in their power to drive the franchise into the ground. Lets hope the next release redeems the once great franchise.

ElliePage2455d ago

The next release? We already know RE6 will be shit so I'm assuming you mean RE7 which will obviously only get worse.

Spydiggity2456d ago

Psh, i'll still buy it. They've always provided me with entertainment and suspense.

SKUD2456d ago

Expectations are still low for this one. Added to gamefly Q (PS3 version).

Rayko2456d ago

Yup, RE-series is getting worse and worse. 1st and 2nd part were the best, then it went downhill, till they made RE: Remake, but then it went downhill even more. Now it it a Call Of Duty game (by the looks). Taking cover, watch out for airstrikes and throwing grenades doesn't belong in a Resident Evil game. Devil May Cry is another game which will go same approach as RE-series, a western game developer will take over that series and rumours already spreading that it will be 16-player online battle and enemies will be russian soldiers.

BXbomber2456d ago

by all means skip the game cuz all i know is that all of ya "i ain't buying this cuz it ain't RE" oh plz who are ya kidding ya all gonna buy it so am i so stop hating and stop with the whole "capcom has ruin a teh bestest franchise evar!!"

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