Gaming’s Greatest Works of Architecture: Part 2


"You didn’t think I’d just stop after the first five, did you? There’s a veritable ton of great environments still to cover, so let’s get right back into it, shall we?

As before, these are in no particular order, and this list is ever-expanding"

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gaminoz2452d ago

I never played Final Fantasy VII, but both Rapture and Damascus are masterpieces of gaming architecture. Great choices!

I enjoy those way more than the destroyed post-apocalyptic dull grey and browns lately.

BadCircuit2452d ago

Surprised that the original Assassin's Creed beat out the others, but they are all beautiful.

Need better draw distances now though. They look a bit washed out next to some modern games.

Proeliator2452d ago

Very good piece. I definitely agree with his opinions regarding Rapture, though... we never get to full appreciate it by exploring all of it and at one time!

admiralthrawn872452d ago

Ulduar from WoW is amazing architecture, as well as icecrown citadel.

the whole world of dark souls is amazing, Anor Londo is beautiful.

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