Xbox Live Hackers Target Pro Gamers

Analoghype:"The issue of online security is still buzzing among news outlets. A few weeks ago we broke to the world how hackers exploited to steal accounts. We were bombarded with the stories of victims but one particular story stuck out among the rest. Pro gamer and reality TV star Mrs Violence recently had her gamertag hacked a few weeks after to winning a share of $50,000 on The Controller web series. Coincidence? Highly doubtful. We sit down with Kelly aka Mrs Violence to investigate."

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YourFlyness2453d ago

*in b4 "Oh its the user's fault because its just phishing"*

HammadTheBeast2453d ago

Brad Pitt was in Inception.

killerhog2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

Eff pro-gamers, nothing but pro-cheaters, aka using mod controllers. These guys are a joke, play using default controllers punks and stop using your modded rapid fire/auto-aim controllers. Having an advantage developers did not program you to have. This is why I don't watch MLG. It's a joke watching scrubs pretend they have skills but it's all their controllers doing.

h311rais3r2453d ago

Uh they're not allowed modded equipment in mlg...

killerhog2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

If that's true show me facts and I'll rescind my statement, but from my knowledge most of these events are sponsored by companies that make modded controllers like razer, madcats, etc..

And yes, I do dislike them. Go look at those YouTube commentators, they shoot perfectly, have no recoil, no gun sway, can make shots/kills doing cartwheels. Yet they have the effrontery to accept the acclaim they are receiving.

1nsaint2453d ago

its not just their controllers, those guys are actually pretty good. Things like a madcatz controller might help a little but not much.
When gaming onine, basicly everyone with a bigger or higher resolution screen will also have a unfair advantage.
At least in those mlg events everyone is playing on the same screen

Godmars2902453d ago

Just sounds like something for which Sony was highly criticized for after admitting it happened, is becoming more high profile and news worthy as MS tries to refuse its even happening.

Oner2452d ago

And the media's reluctance to shed light on it is quite odd too isn't it?