EA’s Origin Being Hacked via Live Chat Support?

Ironhammers: EA’s Origin is among the youngest of distribution platforms we have on the PC, and there’s been a few less than positive opinions about their support at times. The latest, however, seems like it could be the worst of them yet. Some users of Origin have been reporting troubles logging in, and it seems the hackers are gaining access by changing the victim’s email address by way of Origin’s live chat support feature.

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dark-hollow2451d ago

The term "hacking" is being used very loosely recently.

Fishy Fingers2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

Yep, I've found out recently (thanks to n4g) that through entering my user/password I've been "hacking" my Live account since day one. Frankly, I've impressed myself with my uber skills.

badz1492451d ago

with the advancement of ICT in recent days, cyber crime and cyber attack just becoming more rampant, thus you hear them a lot! if it doesn't hit you, doesn't mean that it's not real! Anon, lulzsec etc. these guys are real, you know.

peowpeow2451d ago

But it isn't 'hacking', most of it anyway

JsonHenry2451d ago

I hope they get this sorted out before Command and Conquer: Generals 2 comes out.

KidMakeshift2451d ago

Since when did their live chat support actually work

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