Dead Men Walking: In Defense of Kane & Lynch

In a very special ShackBlog post, professional game developer Steve Gaynor joins to tell you why one of the most controversial games in recent memory is also one of the most unjustly panned:

"As someone with whom the title did connect, and strongly, I feel the need to defend the game from its much-maligned image. From my standpoint it is worth your attention, and I believe that negative associations may be driving away players who otherwise would have found much to love beneath Kane & Lynch's unvarnished surface. The game is a unique experience, one which presents intense and satisfying core gameplay in believable locales, propped up by genuinely interesting, human characters who live out an emotionally compelling, personal story.

Kane & Lynch is antithetical to the epic scale and self-congratulatory empowerment provided by other big-name action games, a game that absolutely should not be passed over by shooter fans looking for a game that says something different from the titles they normally invest themselves in."

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HowarthsNJ4737d ago

This should have been brought up in the other reviews including GameSpot.

Too bad I don't game much on my PC anymore.

The_Engineer4737d ago

I got the Ps3 version and have found the game enjoyable, even challenging on some parts.

Evil Rant Monkey4737d ago

shallow and petantic

j/k I found this game great. There were some really sweet sequences that happen during gameplay too that just flavoured the story and the characters so uniquely and well.

Comeplaywithme4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

I went into playing K&L without having read all the negative reviews and articles that followed it's release and I was actually supprised on how immersive and gritty the story is.

Yeah the gameplay isn't the best we've seen, and no the graphics aren't going to make you forget Gears anytime soon but it has a certain intangible quality that I really enjoyed.

I say that if you were even remotely interested in this game at some point, then at the very least give it a rent and I guarantee if you go into it without all the biased opinions you've heard and have become conditioned to believe, you'll walk away pleasantly supprised.

Very good article and the most in-depth, fair review this game has received.

Madbrain4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

I haven't read any review for that game. I download and played the demo... It was horrible! Specially if you have previously played COD4 then you can't even see that sh!t...

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