Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Playstation Vita writes, "Next month, Sony’s handheld will hit store shelves. While the title hasn’t exactly been selling super well in Asia so far, there’s been a solid amount of buzz about the handheld in North America."

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thedude442457d ago

i like the shiny screen, the shiny cases and the cool new name, buying it for the games, they have a huge lineup of them.

Colwyn2457d ago

only need one reason, its the best handheld in history.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2457d ago

Wonder if her favorite game to play on it is.... Super Mario.


remanutd552457d ago

she seems to be too old for Super Mario LOL i kid .

Sithlord-Gamble2457d ago

Dual Analog Sticks and Trophy Support is what hooked me. The power and games was a bonus!

MasterCornholio2457d ago

If the Vita is already launching with the best launch line up in portable gaming history just imagine the library of games it will have in a year. This is the main reason why I am getting one is because this device is going to offer a ton of amazing games to play. Then I will probably get a revised 3DS for Nintendo games.


GuruStarr782456d ago

Definitely getting one. While I'm not happy about Sony's first edition bundle structure, it will still get to me a week early. I used gift cards to take $80 off of the price, so at $270, it's a good deal to me.. not sure if I would have paid the full $350, but at $270, I can justify it.

Having a Vita will be like having a PS3 with me at all times, which is a very attractive proposition. I've played my 3DS into the ground (the L and R buttons have become unresponsive, so I've got to send it in for repairs, which I plan to do as soon as my FEB arrives).

I've been playing it alot at the Vita "social club" here in Chicago, and I can confirm that it's definitely worth owning. I've got Uncharted and Modnation preordered as well, and I can't wait.