How DRM Stopped Me from Buying an Interesting Game

John of - "I’m very OK with having to activate my games in order to prove my ownership for them. Heck, I used to love sending in my registration card after I bought the latest PlayStation RPG.

What I’m not OK with however, is the idea that I don’t own my game (or music, movie, whatever). Instead, I’m merely licensing my use of it."

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ExPresident2452d ago

Nice article and I agree, its a shame. I understand the idea behind it but I don't agree with the abuse of it as you refer to in the article. The idea that I can't upgrade my computer without it seeing it as a system change is pure insanity.

But, we'll continue to see this and it will only get worse the longer gamers continue to purchase games that do this. EA will put more games on Origin because gamers "had" to play BF3 on their pc's and EA banked on that idea. That was the perfect opportunity to tell EA where they could properly place their Origin service and keep BF3 on Steam.

We gamers are our own worse enemy.

ATi_Elite2452d ago

...........until a "work around" came out which is usually 2 days after the game gets released.

I've seen some Super Sucky DRM but I've never seen DRM that could be bypassed.

vortis2444d ago

The problem is that some people still buy a game legitimately but then use a DRM workaround. It tells the company "We'll support your product even though we hate the DRM in it."

TABSF2452d ago

The worst part is, this DRM only hurts the legitimate users. you don't get any of this BS with the pirate version.
Ubisoft is the worst at this.

The best DRM is the ones in Serious Sam 3 and ArmA II, does not effect the legitimate users but p!sses off the pirates :)

ProGrasTiNation2452d ago

I own a pirate edition of all my bought games with drm as my internet went down for a week once while i was in the middle off hl2( only found out about its drm at that moment)so if i ever loss my ability to play them I have a copy with no DRM!
As long as publishers stick with drm ill be going the pirate route to back up my collection.

tachy0n2452d ago

like an hour ago i tried to install need for speed undercover after i had done some hardware upgrades... when i typed in the serial it was blacklisted... i had to get the crack so i could play the game I BOUGHT!

the same happened with GTAIV..i even bought the game 2 times!!(physical and digital)..and it said my system was not compatable with the game...(windows7, GTX460, 4Gb of ram ETC..)

Mr Tretton2452d ago

DRM definitely ruined my purchase of Crysis Warhead. It caused problems every time I reinstalled it. My personal worst experience with DRM. I'll never install it again.

Pandamobile2452d ago

When I ran out of installs on Warhead I just called EA and asked for more and the tech support guy gave me a large amount of them.

5 minute phonecall solve my issue for the foreseeable future, but it would have been nice to not have to make that call in the first place.

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