PlayStation: "We will probably be the last to announce something"

CEO of PlayStation France expects Sony to be last out of the gate with next hardware.

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Stealth2k2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

makes sense

@ some of you

Waiting last was not the right move. The ps3 was dead last in all system sales out of 5.

If they want to be first they need to launch around the others. Ask sony how the vita is doing in japan when it waited

thedude442453d ago

come on sony hurry! i want to see your next beast, i cant take it anymore!!!!

ApplEaglElephant2453d ago

PS3 has been outselling 360 every year world wide for past 3-4 years.

Otherwise, the gap would not have never closed.

Solid_Snake372453d ago

Yeah please just announce it Sony!! Wanna see the beast that Sony comes up with

BattleAxe2453d ago

The PS3's tech is solid enough to last another 3 or 4 years. Personally I'll be happy if Sony waits longer this time around. They're still building on the PS3, and they'll be concentrating on the Vita, so it wouldn't make any sense to release the PS4 until either 2014 or 2015 which is really not even that far away.

tee_bag2422453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

Launching first isn't necessarily the best move. A late launch can be a devastating advantage over the competitor if the technology is a step above.

khellendros12453d ago

I'm happy with this generation. When companies max out graphics they start concentrating on whats most important, gameplay and story.

Soldierone2453d ago

Like I've been saying. PS3 CAN last the entire 10 years with hardly any issues. Sony CAN wait that entire 10 years to announce something, the only thing that will make it come earlier is an announcement from Microsoft on a new Xbox.

At that time Sony will play their cards and compete at the same time, they can honestly fire whenever they want and will do so whenever they want.

They won't fall behind, and the only way they will be early is if that 10 years hits before MS announces their console. Sony learned, that year headstart Xbox got still stings in their side.

decrypt2453d ago

Its funny how console gamers are fine with dated technology.

I dont see many people wanting to hang around to a cellphone after its 2-3 years old simply because they think its old tech. Yet these consoles have been holding the industry back for years now and are already 6 years old tech. I wonder how some of you are fine with it lasting a further 2-3 years.

Comon MS & Sony bring on the next locked down low end PCs so industry can finally progress a bit.

ravinash2453d ago

The main reason why PS3 was delayed a year after 360 came out was because of licencing issues with BluRay.
There will be no such issues with the next one, so it would be safe to say as soon as Xbox comes out with it's next one, Playstation will be right there next to it.

inveni02453d ago

I just hope they ignore third party developers like they did this year. I'd like to see another system that is full of raw power, instead of one that caters to being "easy" to develop for. A lot of third party games run better on other systems, but they run well enough on PS3 to make having all of the incredible exclusives worth it. So I'm hoping they aim for raw power and new rendering technologies.

NeoBasch2452d ago

These low-end PCs set standards for the industry, which can cut down costs dramatically. Consoles are also generally low maintenance compared to computers, which means less hassle for the end user. They stress convenience.

Are TV's better than computers for using stuff like FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube? No, at least, not necessarily. But the smart aps make it convenient for the end user by integrating all these functions into a single TV.

Matter of fact, TV's are generally more reasonable than most personal rigs when it comes to home theater set-ups. So I guess what I'm trying to say is supposedly "dated" technology can offer a greater convenience by offering limited functions (such as Facebook, Twitter, NetFlix, Xbox Live, PSN, Video Unlimited, Cinema Now, Zune, etc...) that are catered to the home theater enthusiast, which turns your living room into a place for the family to enjoy most any source of entertainment.

Besides, next-gen development is expensive. Developers don't want to rush out and make flashy tech demos just to sate the graphic whores. We've already lost a lot of developers in the transition from PS2 and Xbox to PS3 and X360. Do you want to lose more? I certainly don't. I'd rather wait and transition when costs are relatively manageable for most independent companies.

Brosy2452d ago

They really don't need to wait on launching a new console. If they want to be competitive they need to launch close to the other consoles. Unless they just don't care about competition. Which seems the route Ninny's taking. Who knows we may have a 1-3 year gap between all the next-gen consoles.

I hope they release a beast of a machine. Nintendo poisined the water for "hardcore" consoles. I hope MS follows suit as well and don't put the main focus of the console on the casual audience.

Gaming1012452d ago

The problem is, once you announce it, you take all the attention away from the current system that you've poured billions of dollars into marketing. You need to keep the focus where it belongs if you're a smart business person - which the vast majority of people commenting on the internet AREN'T, and should stop pretending to be.


Beast... don't you mean FLOP!

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BrutallyBlunt2453d ago

Dead last? That's funny seeing as how the Playstation 3 closed the gap to that of the XBOX 360 in a year less time.

This magical race you present means very little. The Playstation 3 is getting just as much software support from third parties unlike the original XBOX.

BitbyDeath2453d ago

They did lose a lot of marketshare though.

Jobesy2453d ago

Magical race indeed. How can there be a race if the competitors don't start at the same time?

admiralthrawn872453d ago

its funny how ps3 fanboys changed the story now at the end of the generation. ps3 still hasn't closed the gap.

sarshelyam2453d ago

I'd say they're getting more support LevelHead. Just look at the exclusives hitting Capcom's "Street Fighter X Tekken". None of that seems coached.

At any rate, it doesn't matter. No amount of exclusivity to market did any good for Microsoft in my eyes. I loved the original Xbox, but when it comes to the 360, however, year over year I see the reasons for owning one dwindle as their focus shifts to a demographic I don't fall within.

GribbleGrunger2453d ago

@Admiral: i don't know how this generation has passed you by without it leaving some semblance of reality in your views. 'it still hasn't closed the gap'. you REALLY think that? honestly? i don't know whether you're fresh from the womb and have managed to gum off your mittens to type that, but i'm sorry to have to inform you that it's wrong... very wrong.

the 360 had a lead just under 6 million when the PS3 released. for a while that gap closed but MS dropped the price of the 360. the lead then stretched in favour of the 360 to 8 million. since then the slim has released and the price of the PS3 has dropped too. for the last three and a half years the PS3 has been outselling the 360 which is why that gap has now shrunk to 3 million from 8 million.

now, i ask you, isn't that closing a gap?

SolidStoner2453d ago

IF, I would be SONY i would design several PS4, then wait when my oponents come out and choose a bit better version.. even if I put it out later IT would be better over some period of time its a win win... just like it was with the PS3, we all know it has more good than bad.
Gaming isnt something new nowdays, wait and see tactics works better. In my opinion..

PetitPiPi2453d ago

@ Level Head

Dead LAST with 50% market share out the window.

I agree with you. It is funny!

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sikbeta2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

But they already said they are not launching this year and if they launch in these upcoming months, it'll be PSP al over again for Vita, when SCE don't give a s*** about it and only focus on the PS4

I said it already, releasing asap would be the best move, but it'd kill Vita, as in the Manufacturer don't caring about the portable, nothing to do with Vita bombing :P and if they release too late, as in letting the competition walk free in the market alone and they'll be totally Screwed!


That was when MS didn't launch Kinect, now things are different and Sony is not closing the gap

@erasure242 Below

PS3, yeah, same way as PS2 and PS1, but Sony needs a new console or they'll be beaten hard if they wait so long to release their new console


"They were last for this current generation and it only proved to be the right move"

So being in third place with less consoles sold than the competition is a good thing now? no, they're not ok and It wasn't a good move at all, well if they released later but with an AFORDABLE console, things could have been different, but things weren't like that and now Wii-U is about to launch and rumors of Xbox Next are strong, if they wait much, PS4 will fail

Machioto2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

@skibeta Why?couldn't they have a commercial that showed all Sony products like it starts with a person playing on a Sony tv,you the ps4 and slick graphics,the person gets a call or something they're like darn!they grab a psvita hook it to the ps4 get the game via remote play leave,if they want show any kind of connectivity between the tv,ps4 or vita they could when the person comes back.

moparful992453d ago

Last time I checked the ps3 is still selling well.. SO why does it matter that the ps3 is 3rd.. Did the ps3 not only have the better and more diverse selection of games this year? Yes it did.. Not only was it the most sound from an exclusives standpoint but it also had all of the major third party releases.. Sony's making money, fans get their games, third parties make money.. Sounds like sony is doing fantastic in third place.. WHat does the first and second place console have??? EXACTLY...

frostypants2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

They are doing exactly what I said they would all along: they will announce when and only when Microsoft makes a move. They already have the hardware spec'd out should they announce this year, and will make minor upgrades to said specs over time...whenever MS announces, they will as well. It will be based on an upgraded Cell architecture and any additional incremental spec upgrades will have minimal impact on devs who are already developing.

Whenever MS makes a move, Sony will have an announcement ready within 48 hours. I guarantee it. They aren't stupid and there was a method behind the Cell madness. Remember: "scalability".

xxLuckyStrike2452d ago

Sony is still trying to recover revenue lost this gen. Don't expect any announcement soon or super computer in the PS4.. Sony has taken a real good lickin from Microsham and Nintendo this gen. Losing market share and revenue I expect they'll go back to the drawing board next gen. A affordable Mid Range powered console..(see ps1 or ps2)

tiffac0082453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

I think announcing last and releasing last are two different things.

Sony is not going to just announce ahead of MS because it will kill the sales of the PS3 and they're trying to get as much return as they can on that system.

They could be as ready as MS for all we know. We'll just have to wait and see.

xflo3602452d ago

Imagine if ps4, Xbox 720 released on the same day!

Which would you buy?

LiViNgLeGaCY2452d ago

That's actually a fantastic question, seeing as I would probably only have enough cash to shell out for one of them day one.

Honestly, I'd have a good look at both consoles and which games are coming to each one. I'd have to weigh my options and see what appeals to me the most at launch, and go from there. It's ALL about the games for me.

BlackTar1872452d ago

Man decrypt is why no one likes PC gamers lol

Sony3602452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

Hell why the Vita, why not ask the Ps3 which is still last in sales since launching?

Ares84HU2452d ago

They won't be the last. This is just an attempt to try to trick us and than give us the surprise at E3 this year or the latest, Tokyo Game Show this year.

salinidus2448d ago

hopefully whenever they do decide to reveal the new console kaz hirai will make it awesome

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erasure2422453d ago

The PS3 still has a lot of good years left. No reason to jump the gun...

2v12453d ago

yea ..still why get left behind

Pintheshadows2453d ago

If Sony is careful, and plans well they could perhaps (not saying they will) release something with far more horsepower than the Nextbox and WiiU later on. This admittedly would be a disadvantage (last out of the gates again, pricepoint). But it could also be an advantage if they nail the launch line up and market it correctly.

BrutallyBlunt2453d ago

The problem with coming out late is you are now the underdog and 3rd party games are no longer synonymous to your platform. Even though games like Mass Effect are now on the Playstation 3 they are still at a disadvantage because the franchise began on the PC and XBOX 360.

Sony already said they don't want to be late to the party.

SweatyFlorida2453d ago

Actually, they could even "skip" next gen, and release a truly powerful console in say 2016-2017 (as prices for powerful tech would have gone down), and have the jump on the gen after the next, learning all the benefits and faults of this gen coming up, and playing a perfect hand next-next gen. Since it will be 4-5 years after the Wii U, it won't be considered being "late".

Of course this means no Ps4 until 2016-2018 for us eagerly waiting for it, however this enables Sony to create a perfect storm, and put the other console companies in a bad position, relying on price cut Ps3's and the Vita to gain cash in their gaming department. This will be a smarter idea then being late a year or 2, as after 4-6 years surely devs will be tired of the tech once again. Just an idea though if Sony is unable to get the PS4 out the gates in a close enough time to the other consoles.

Half-Mafia2453d ago

@Pintheshadows Thats the worst thing Sony could do. Developers would make a PS4 port but they wouldnt put in the extra work/money to get the extra power out of it. So you would end up with the PS4 version having pretty much the same graphics as the 720. And Sony would of lost 1-2 years on the 720.

Pintheshadows2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

@Half-Mafia You're correct. I don't think they will do it. Just a thought. And they would certainly be relying heavily on their first party devs. That's why I added they'd need to nail the launch line up to attract buyers. I agree though, it's a risky game to play.

The one thing I would add is, if it were easy to work with it might actually encourage the 3rd party devs to utilise its power.

Half-Mafia2453d ago

@Pintheshadows If all that played out, I still cant see developers doing that. If we were talking like the PS2 days where they had like 80% of the market then developers would definitely get the most out of the system. But with more evenly share there is no point.

Solid_Snake372453d ago

@florida that would make no sense at all... Skipping a gen might leave fans a bit sour

bennyace2453d ago

@Solid_Snake37 You're right. Sony just came out 1 year after Microsoft and lost half of it's market share... Imagine 2-3-4 years!

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BrutallyBlunt2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

A lot of us want to play games in 1080p. It is true that even now the games still look great like the upcoming MLB The Show but when you see games like Battlefield 3 on the PC now you really start to see just how much better games could be on a new console. We also see games like Skyrim that could really improve on new hardware.

Sprudling2453d ago

I feel sad for those whose decision to buy a game depends on whether it's 720p or 1080p.

OcularVision2453d ago

@Sprud Nobody (at least that I know of) bases their game purchases on resolution. It would just be real nice to have native 1080p games on our HDTVs that can display 1080p.

kaveti66162453d ago

"I feel sad for those whose decision to buy a game depends on whether it's 720p or 1080p."

I feel bad for those that don't even have the choice.

GreedyPopcorn2453d ago

Just think about consoles based on the same Gpu's as a 580.With optimization the graphics would be 2x better than BF3.

BrutallyBlunt2453d ago


Your comment is like saying you feel sad people want to move to bluray from DVD. I don't base my decisions on if game A is only at this resolution I won't buy it. I am saying that the game would be better if it did have higher resolution, learn the difference.

So go ahead and play Twisted Metal on your old Playstation, I will be playing it on my Playstation 3. See what I'm saying?

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thedude442453d ago

im already giving the ps4 a thumbs up because ive been satisfied since 1994

BitbyDeath2453d ago

Sony have the widest range of developers/games which is why i stay with them, if anyone else could do better than Sony then i'd happily switch.

Games are important.

specialguest2452d ago

Sometimes I forget that the Playstation has been around since 1994. We could thank Nintendo for inadvertently triggering the birth of the Playstation. If it hadn't been for that, Nintendo and Sega would've still been battling each other.

DARKrage342453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

They were last for this current generation and it only proved to be the right move.

Sony has developed a strong brand name and hardware that is capable of 'longlasting value'. Why the hell would they suddenly need to match the competition with a new system? They're smart enough to out-advance them again within a year.

Let the Vita take off first, too... sheesh.

gamingdroid2453d ago

Because, once the Wii-U drops and support gains for it from both consumers and developers, a second (or third) entrant won't garner the support necessary.

The market is ready for a new console and Nintendo is first out of the gate. MS is essentially forced to release in 2013 to prevent Wii-U from getting a too strong a foothold.

So the pressure will most definitely be there on Sony and MS, when the competitor IS out!

Heartnet2453d ago

imo the Wii-U will never gain the same market as the ps3 and xbox 360 has ever as the Wii has been out so long its already chosen its tarket market and everyone knows that so they wont go for that console for fps and what not...

And many parents (which is what the wii brand was aimed at) wont see the point in getting what looks like the same console with the same motion controls etc as they already own the wii.... Sony and MS know this and can bide their time as the Wii-U wont steal their market anytime soon

gamingdroid2453d ago


The Xbox was relatively unknown and Playstation reigned supreme previous generation, yet at release the Xbox 360 sold like hotcakes. Nintendo came back from being third.

So the take from all this is, don't base the future on the past. When a new generation starts, everything is reset!

tehpees32453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

@ Heartnet

I like the way you underestimate Nintendo. You talk like there aren't any hardcore gamers in Nintendo's market. Heres a fact: people will buy Wii U regardless.

While Nintendo might not be strong on the FPS market right now thats not to say its going to change. This is completely new console and a completely new start for Nintendo. And one thing I can guarantee is they are definitely strong in the Japanese side of games. Something like Final Fantasy or Tekken could easily sell more on Wii U than on Xbox. Look at Soul Calibur II as an example. It crushed the Xbox version in sales. Nintendo could have that side of the market nailed harder than MS. Probably since Xbox doesn't sell in Japan.

Capcom have also consistently seen strong sales on Nintendo systems. Despite the troubles originally facing it several Resident Evil games sold on Gamecube and both SSFIV and Mercenaries have sold to their expectations on 3DS (Street fighter IV selling over 1 million). And Monster Hunter is also selling like hotcakes. There is more to the "hardcore" market than just FPS games and both Sony and Nintendo have the advantage in the Japanese side of it.

PC_Enthusiast 2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

I hope Sony puts a nVIDIA gtx 560 TI in the PS4 with 3-4 Gb of ram update the 50 Gb bluray disc to 100 Gb and make a better Playstation network for a fall 2013 launch the price should be around 400 to 450 dollars i think...

Rage_S902453d ago

I don't think nvidia is in the console race any longer. So it will probably end up being an amd card.

Machioto2453d ago

Rumors are a high end variant of the powervr rogue is suppose to be in ps4.

Heartnet2453d ago

Theres already 100gb Blu Ray disk lol its just the Blu Ray driver cant run in the ps3 isnt fast enough to play certain blu rays.. thats why on some games you have the mandatory install :)

specialguest2453d ago

If the PS4 is released during the end of 2013 or sometime during 2014 with a 560, those specs are definitely outdated.

BubloZX2453d ago

Better than rumored wiki and next box gpus

DeadlyFire2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

I vote Power8(2013) for CPU of PS4. Potentially up to 16 cores. 4 SMT threads per core or more? Which equates to 64 processing threads. Sounds delightful. Sony is going to build a machine that lasts for say 15 years. Its going to have to take a step towards this tech over the other tech on the market.

Other two consoles are rumored to sport Power7 or Power7+ CPUs. Which both only hit 8 cores at most with 4 SMT threads. A 16 core Power8 design would be twice as powerful and floor the competition.