Linkin Park, Mastadon and The Used Hit Guitar Hero III In Time For The Holidays

The Bitbag writes, "The Warner/Reprise Track Pack includes master recordings of "No More Sorrow," by Linkin Park, "Sleeping Giant," by Mastadon and "Pretty Handsome Awkward," by The Used. The single song downloads offer such popular singles as "So Payaso," from Extremoduro, "Antisocial" from Trust, and "Ernten Was Wir Säen" from Die Fantastischen Vier."

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americanGTA4738d ago

man, if those were all FREE i still wont download them. I WANT MY ROCK BAND PATCH

EZCheez4738d ago

I'm not downloading crap from Activision for any game until I get my Rock Band patch.

As insignificant as my personal strike is, I will not change until that patch is released.

ruibing4738d ago

Even though I feel the same way, I still bought the $40 CoD4 for the PS3 today on Amazon. Well obviously, I would have sticked with my Activision boycott if there wasn't a strike...

EA Expert4738d ago

guys i posted this news first and ur commenting on his one wtf is goin on here>>??

snoop_dizzle4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

you posted it as a blog post instead of a news would probably be best to in this situation post the news story...then perhaps talk about what you think about whatever the story pertains to. The blog is meant for more of your opinion than a copy and paste of a story, or else you might as well just try to post a news story.

I Call 9MM4738d ago

Not a bad track listing. Too bad MS points cost too much, 7.75 and tax for 500 MS points up here in Canada, ouch. That's (roughly) the same as 7.75 US, but in the USA they only cost $6.25USD. Either Activision brings their price down, or Microsoft changes the pricing on points (or both) otherwise I am not buying these.

Animagi4738d ago

That's really really lame. So, Rock Band gets a Metallica DLC and Guitar Hero gets...The Used? Nice.

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The story is too old to be commented.