Is Sony too dependent on PS3 exclusives?

2011 was an incredible year for gaming, especially for Sony. PlayStation 3 owners suffered battered pockets throughout the year; it was truly a gamepocalyse. Sony hammered gamers with exclusive after exclusive: Uncharted 3, Little Big Planet 2, Kill Zone 3, Infamous 2, Socom 4… the list goes on. And 2012 looks like it will repeat the set trend.

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Abash2452d ago

Yes they are, and thats a very good thing. Especially when the next PlayStation is announced, fans of the Sony owned series will have a huge incentive to get the new console for them.

SnuggleBandit2452d ago

TOO DEPENDENT? IS there a such thing?

RXL2452d ago

took the words right outta my fingers

morganfell2452d ago

"Is Sony too dependent on PS3 exclusives?"

Here ladies and gentleman we have irrefutable proof that, yes Virginia, there is such a thing as a dumb question.

scofios2452d ago

Thats always better than to be dependent to 3 party stdios.

WildArmed2452d ago

Honestly, it feels like the question is saying this more than anything:


Because if you are 'dependent' on 'exclusives' which most are built in-house (I think?) wouldn't that make you independent? o.o

Misterhbk2452d ago

Sony gets all of their exclusives PLUS all of the multiplats o.O

this question makes no sense. if we were talking Nintendo then yes, but Sony? I think not.

Why o why2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

As apposed to what, being too dependant on 3rd parties....gtfo

Kran2452d ago

Well yeah. Microsoft is too dependent on the Kinect. Sadly.

sikbeta2452d ago

Not at all, what would be the point of buying a game without its exclusives?

Though SCE is really Low and don't react fast, so instead of create some sort of balance with the games they release, they just throw them when they're done and that way games like:

KZ2 got crushed by RE5 by being released a week earlier than a big franchise sequel

GOWIII had to fight for its sales against FFXIII while Yakuza got crushed in the middle of both


Uncharted 3 had to fight for its sales against BF3 released a week earlier + COD and Skyrim released a week later

Calling it now, The Last of Us will be released the same day as COD:MW2012 edition lol

Boody-Bandit2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

I think the real question should be, and reason articles like this are now being written, is Sonys direct competition TOO dependent on 3rd party multiplats?

Razmossis2452d ago

I simply cannot understand the question. =/

DebateMaster2452d ago

Is MS too dependent on multiplats?

BitbyDeath2452d ago


They seem to be asking if people think Sony are making too many games.

It is really horrible for us consumers to have so many options. What were they thinking.

xabmol2452d ago


Logic is a beautiful thing.

Bubs up to you, good sir.

Gaming1012452d ago

This article of course, coming from a butthurt 360 fanboy who is crying over the lack of exclusives, so he spins it around and labels Sony as being "too reliant on them" which is retarded, its what differentiates the console. What differentiates the 360 these days? Kinect? Don't make me laugh and vomit at the same time.

AKS2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

This was the big criticism of the PS3 in the early days when I bought it for $600. Supposedly lack of third-party support was going to be the death knell of the PS3. It obviously wasn't.

Ares84HU2451d ago

What the hell does this even mean???

I rather take a gaming company that depends on their own exclusives games than a company that depends on third party games that is released in multiple consoles anyways.

This article takes the cake of the dumbest article of January 2012.

Tommykrem2451d ago

Yes, obviously. But I think the writes of the article miss the point a little bit regarding the Wii's isolation from the market, which is caused rather by the fact that it's a completely different console than PS3/360 and therefore MP games are trickier to port well. In house IPs and buying studios is probably the way to go, especially as third party exclusivity has become more rare this gen.

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Solid_Snake372452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

Since when having too many exclusives is a bad thing?

EDIT: -9000 for gaming journalism.

PirateThom2452d ago

Only in the past 2-3 years.

Nodoze2452d ago

When you are an Xbox 360 owner with a scant first party lineup (unless you count that Kinect crap that MS is shoving).

The 360 has it's merits, but first party studios and offerings are not on the list.

Chitown712912452d ago

This title is literally the dumbest question ever asked on N4G that I personally have witnessed.

ziggurcat2452d ago

sounds like the author is an X360 owner and is just a little jealous over the fact that sony put a lot of effort into offering exclusive games to their customers.

hazardman2452d ago

@ NoDoze this not an Xbox 360 post tho, funny thing xbox doesnt have that many exclusive yet still going strong. Anyway I do wish MS would take a page outta Sonys book and get some 1st party devs. And its a dumb question. You can never have to many exclusives.

BrutallyBlunt2452d ago

@ Solid_Snake37

Problems can occur if they don't sell. Just remember, you still need to fund these games but now that they are exclusive that means less people to sell to. That's how it can become a bad thing, an over-saturated market. Resistance 3 and SOCOM 4 come to mind. Too many shooters in an already high profile market eaten up by the likes of Call of Duty.

I, like most people, want exclusives. So as a consumer i like having this choice as opposed to other companies (namely Microsoft) who don't invest as much or take as many chances.

smashcrashbash2452d ago

I don't know. I think this gen has gotten all screwy for some reason.Suddenly the fact that Sony has a lot of exclusive games have become a problem for some reason. If you want to look at it negatively more exclusives mean that they won't be able to give all if them the attention they deserve meaning that a few will get lost in the shuffle like with Nintendo but for a gamer.

I really don't see how having more games is a problem. I have more then enough exclusives and third parties to last me a long time and even if you can't buy them all you will always have new games to play when you can afford them.

This is the only gen I have ever seen people begging for series to stop, happy when they do, always with the premature negativity and condemning companies for making 'too many games'. Gaming sure has become a mess in the last few years and no one even realized.

trenso12452d ago

It never was people just need something to complain about I suppose.

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dedicatedtogamers2452d ago

I regret living in a world where the importance of exclusives is questioned...

thedude442452d ago

i was gonna say the same thing.

TotalHitman2452d ago

I couldn't have put it any better. You read my mind.

derek2452d ago

The question in response should be whats the alternative? Just how would sony distinguish itself from the competition without multiple first party titles across different categories?

Bioshocking2452d ago

Lol... reading some of the comments on this website are pretty funny

"Sony's exclusives suck and don't deliver on their overhype. If they continue then it will soon be over for the paupered Sony PlayStation brand. NO developer likes likes to program for the PS architecture, not even the forced first parties"

"good games of 2011 as follows:

1. Skyrim fun for over 100 hours.
everything else
fun for less then 40 hours"

"its a shame only 10 percent of there made games were any good.

Uncharted 3 and imfamous were it"

Now.... Im not sure that many people have heard of this website, so mostly people on N4G made an account for this site now... so they would not have to deal with the string of replies that would have torn them to shreds here.

Ah... the internet, such a strange mistress

Action GO FIGURE2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

For the article...

SilentNegotiator2452d ago

The last I checked, it had most of the multiplat games, too, so......

TBM2451d ago

Hmm since exclusives are the reason i buy a particular console I'll just say NO Sony isn't dependent on exclusives since its their job to provide their customer base with games that shows what the system can do, and what its all about.

what a dumba$$ question to ask.

Enemy2451d ago

Does it make more sense to be more dependent on multiplatform studios you don't own,

Bobby Kotex2451d ago

What an idiotic article. I wish stories can be unapproved.

Darrius Cole2451d ago

I've just got to jump in on this, even if I'm late.

How the hell can you be too dependent on your own stuff? The very question is absurd on its face.

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OllieBoy2452d ago

Nintendo is a lot more dependent on 1st party titles than Sony. The reason I go with Sony is because they get all the third-party games as well, unlike Nintendo.

DA_SHREDDER2452d ago

That will soon change OllieBoy.

LOL @ the title of the article. Sounds like a 360 fanboy in a state of lack of exclusives rage.

torchic2452d ago

article is very bad.

fundamental flaw of this article is that the writer suggests that Sony look at the way Nintendo run their 1st party stuff and take a page from their book. but Nintendo doesn't have any 3rd party support soooo? he wants Sony to be a worse company? is that it?

Bioshocking2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

Agreed, I mean I am not knocking the wii or Nintendo, but the only noteworthy title that came out last year was Skyward Sword.

That game pretty much marked the end for the wii.

Hopefully the WiiU gets more third party support.

I remember back in 08 and 09 when Nintendo had all the must have games... now

I think that lack of games on the wii is what made me go out and buy a PS3..

Since then, I have not touched my wii at all

Taibo2452d ago

Agreed, getting some new IPs would do them some good too.

BrutallyBlunt2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

It's not that Nintendo is more dependent, they just have more blockbuster franchises that sell well. Nintendo is trying to get that lack of third-party support.

Sony is actually far more dependent because they need to shift the hardware. The game library is awfully familiar with that of the XBOX 360's so to counter the higher price tag and to try and be as different as possible they have to keep investing in exclusives from within. Getting third-party exclusives like we saw prior to the Playstation 3 just isn't happening as much. It's just too costly and no longer makes sense. This has meant more pressure on Sony to deliver and to prove why people should be buying a Playstation 3. They lost the ability to advertise the system for being the only platform to play games like Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry, Tekken and so on.

PirateThom2452d ago

The question is everything that is wrong with this generation of gaming.

"Is the platform holder releasing too many games?"

The answer should never, ever be "no".

cloud4952452d ago

Especially when everyone complained in the past that the PS3 doesn't have any games.

BubloZX2452d ago

Not really. It gets just as much 3rd party support as 360. And feature wise they are pretty much on par. Only plus is I can watch Netflix without a gold membership

JayD-1K2451d ago

You can watch Netflix on the PS3 as well.

BubloZX2450d ago

I know. but on 360 you gotta pay for gold to use netflix which sucks

Optical_Matrix2452d ago

Is Microsoft too dependant on multiplatform games and timed exclusive DLC?

Solid_Snake372452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

^ this.

Please everyone, bubs for this gentleman.

hazardman2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

now this is a good question. I say yes because if devs werent supporting MS, they wouldn't have any exclusives that would warrant a $199-$349 purchase. I mean I love Halo, Gears, Forza and PGR but Sony has way more exclusives and if I wasn't gaming, its still one of the better Blu Ray players on the market.