Overemphasizing the Negative

"I think that today's gaming community has a tendency to be overly negative toward games. Many gamers would disagree with me- and I admit, the unbelievably high scores assigned to imperfect games on game sites suggest, in fact, that the opposite may be true, at least when it comes to game review websites (the community grabs their pitchforks when a site doesn't like their pet game- but we'll save that conversation for another day). I'm talking about the average, involved video-game fan on Reddit, Destructoid, and other online gaming communities. They are constantly exposed to amazingly fun and innovative games, to the point that an otherwise phenomenal game with a deficiency in any of a number of aspects will be lambasted with overly harsh criticism."

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iamnsuperman2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

"A reasonable person would have said "Oh, well, the scope of the game is enormous, a lot of this was procedurally generated, and it's impossible for them to test every possible collision or AI scenario, but they certainly could have done better"

And those kind of responses annoy me. A games size isn't a valid excuse for bugs. How can size be more important than performance. It isn't overemphasising the negative

Back to the article as a whole I think we do overemphases the negative but being in an entertainment industry pointing out negatives over positives comes hand in hand

soundslike2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

(scope of the game x length of play)/(man power x time allotted to QA)

= final polish

XishikiX2453d ago


If you spend an infinite amount of time and manpower. you approach zero polish as you approach infinity with that equation haha.

XishikiX2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

There's a difference, between pointing out negatives, and overreacting and giving skyrim 1 star. (atleast the non PS3 versions)

For some people maybe the bugs/glitches, are too much to bear. But, often you don't even encounter said bugs. there aren't any other games that offer the same experience without the bugs. To compare Skyrim to say, leisure suit larry, or other normally perceived one star games is kind of ridiculous, atleast imo.

Open world games, have many more varibles, where scripting problems and bugs can happen than say uncharted. When a developer exists that doesn't have this problem. Then the bar will have been raised. But right now, Rockstar/bethesda/Just Cause 2 have bugs.

dedicatedtogamers2453d ago

Yeah, people can gripe pretty loudly, especially with the internet at their fingertips.

But here's the thing: game journalists overemphasize the positive and gloss over any bad things (or, if the game isn't a big-name title, they'll exaggerate the negatives).

So, people have to shout all the louder to get these issues noticed. It's pretty obvious that mainline gaming sites don't give a crap about informing gamers about these sort of problems.

I don't think there's a problem with overemphasizing the negative. I think there's a problem that the negative gets ignored and it's only after the game launches that all the negative opinions start flying.

SJPFTW2453d ago

If your game is uncharted where the only thing is generated is 2 guys and a wall then it pretty fucking better be polished

I have Skyrim on PC and yes i do encounter bugs and glitches but to me they are small and not game breaking. I only enounter one every 5 hours, no big deal.

The only people who complain non-stop about skyrim are ps3 fanboys and the only reason is because Sony were too retarded and thought 256mb ram was enough

Bigpappy2453d ago

It angers me when people say Skyrim is not the best GOTY because it has bugs. It gives me the impression that they never played Skyrim. I understand that there are big promblems with the PS3 version. But you guys that play the game on PS3 and are having problem need to understand that not everyone is having the issues you are. I wish that Bethesda would come up with a fix that would resolve the issues that make the game work so poorly on the PS3, but I also understand that PS3 is a diffent beast and that a fix to get a huge game like Skyrim work to the wishes may not happpen.

kafe2453d ago

They're not saying size is more important than performance. They're saying that a small hit in performance is worth a huge improvement in scale and detail. It's one of few games that can actually provide a legitimate feeling of exploration.

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MariaHelFutura2453d ago

That headline describes this entire generation and most gamers in general.

BrutallyBlunt2453d ago

Pretty much. The article can be summarized with just this, people are ******. There's a burden of people online who are either black or white and often don't stray into grey.

You have morons who troll topics about Vita, about the Playstation 3, about the Wii, the 3DS, the XBOX 360, Kinect. On and on it goes.

It's another reason I don't play online as much with strangers. Too many people who hide behind their anonymity. Maybe if people linked their Facebook accounts we would see more reasonable attitudes, I don't know. Put a real face and name behind that loser who quickly goes to Metacritic to rate the latest Call of Duty game 0 out of 10. I'm sure you would see far less of that. Even here on N4G, how many would actually say what they say if it weren't for the anonymity aspect? I think it would be a lot different, at least I hope so.

bwazy2453d ago

Whatever the problem, If I feel that I didn't get my 60 dollars worth on a game that (in this day and age), is simply impossible to return once opened, then yes you can imagine that I'm going to be extremely negative towards the specific game at hand. ESPECIALLY when the reviews (written by "official sources") are completely mis-leading.

Stealth2k2453d ago

This article is EXACTLY RIGHT.

Trolls, negativity fanboys are running wild and its hard to go on any forum anymore

Zha1tan2453d ago

Fanboys are just a disease that blank out logic and subjectivity.

examples here on N4G

You must praise sony sales or your cast out for saying they are a greedy montonous organisation with an extreme disregard to human rights.

You must love Sony

Dark Souls is the best RPG ever

Uncharted 3 is the apitamy of a gaming experience

Its fair to compare PS3 to 360 but not PC to either or.

Skyrim sucks because its popular

Every game must emotionally grab your testicles and make you cry like the vrigin Mary at the time of birth.

Witcher 2 > everything

PC > everything

PC > Living

PS3 > Everything

PS3 > living

You cant have PC and all the consoles

you cant weigh weaknesses and strengths of given platforms

Multiplayer always detracts from single player

There must be an an emotional zombie game at some point

Baka-akaB2453d ago

you forgot you can't just enjoy a single console and call yourself a game lover .

That one is very popular too

h311rais3r2453d ago

You just summed up the site pretty well. U explained y I have 1 bubble :p

Parapraxis2453d ago

The majority of your points fall negatively on Sony/PS3.....funny

Zha1tan2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

please give me your diagnosis doctor....

let me guess?

your mind is drifting towards..."xbox fanboy" right?

and no kind words can be expressed for a company that supports SOPA, PIPA or ACTA.

P.s play PS3 but majority PC, xbox is gathering dust in corner.

Hicken2453d ago

I don't know what site you're on, Zha1tan, but at LEAST half of what's submitted to this site is bashing Sony, often for doing something that should be admirable, or for doing something that their competitors (particularly Microsoft) get praise for.

Not enough exclusives.
Too many exclusives.
Sticking to an established formula.
Deviating from the established formula.
Not enough variety in a game.
Too much variety in a game.

When was the last time Microsoft or Nintendo got criticized for making MORE games?

As for SOPA and the rest, Sony WAS supporting it, as was Microsoft and many others. But Sony pulled their support some time ago, so bringing that up just shows how behind you are.

P.S.: Saying "I own a PS3" doesn't prove anything, as anyone can SAY anything on the internet.

ZippyZapper2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

Hicken you live in a make believe world don't you? You only see Sony bashing because you only see Sony. N4G has a search function, use it before commenting.