Uncharted: Golden Abyss Trophy List Revealed

Luis: "The trophy list for Uncharted: Golden Abyss has been release. Below are all the trophies for the game, there’s also a platinum trophy for getting all the trophies and a hidden trophy called Ruffle My Feathers (Force Jose Parrot to squawk out 8 unique quips)."

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NukaCola2506d ago

No real secrets here to spoil

Most are typical trophies as in all other Uncharted games. But I like all the sets for mysteries, puzzles, photos, treasures, etc. There is a lot of replay because your collection isnt just a gleaming light in a bush. You will have to really explore to find everything. Unlike any UC before.

remanutd552506d ago

oh my god lots of trophies to get for my first vita platinum trophy lol

cpt2506d ago

Just platinumed this last week. Among all Uncharted games, this is arguably the hardest to platinum due to the amount of collectibles. Some even require hours of farming. There are also a couple of very hard stages in crushing difficulty. All in all it's a great game with lots of stuff to explore.

FriedGoat2506d ago

Thanks for the info, definetely a launch buy for me. Just interested, does your version have the option of English language?

banjadude2506d ago

YES! Strange relic trophy :)

bub162505d ago

PSVITA, I NEED THESE TROPHIES. so glad there are a lot of them, uncharted on consoles have easy and little trophies to earn