The Witcher 2 Xbox360: Stunning new footage

Despite some screen tearing, the game really look pretty impressive (especially for a seven years old console).

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hardcore19122507d ago

The game looks great on Xbox360. Can't wait for the game.

ZippyZapper2507d ago

You are going to get hit so many times for saying that. You should have said it "looks like crap" and where is the PS3 version?

Anyway it does look great and I hope they get the screen tearing down.

hardcore19122507d ago

We know that the game looks amazing on PC and what I meant to say, I didn't expect the Xbox360 version to look this good.

ZippyZapper2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

My PC would explode just trying to install the game. I'll take the dumbed down 360 version because I have no choice, and I really want to play this game. After hearing all the PC gamers talk about it for so long. I was oozing with jealousy.

Captain Qwark 92507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )


lmao you are 100% correct

anyway thouogh, game does look great. im not a pc gamer so i have been waiting on this one for a while

BlackKnight2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Looks pretty good. Looks like it kept most of the effects from PC but just down-scaled the precision (low res texture, shadows, SSAO, etc). Things like volumetric lighting and motion blur are missing but the art style holds up SO well.

Hope there is a demo so I can at least mess around with it.

pucpop2507d ago

ubersampling feature is on pc only

h311rais3r2507d ago

Über sampling requires an uber pc lol I run everything max at 50 fps then über brings it down to 25 LOL

360 man2507d ago

Looks absalutely stunning on xbox

Shaman2507d ago

Looks pretty damn great. Vistas look never ending...

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