PS Vita - Can it fill the boots of the PSP?

With the release date for the PS Vita coming very quickly for NA and Europe, I debate whether it's going to hit us as well as the PSP did almost over 6 years ago. Is it too over complicated? Is there too much in it for it to give us the great experience that the PSP had?

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remanutd552456d ago

you kidding me? the ps vita is everything i wanted the psp to be , it gives you true portable gaming on the go plus FULL PSN integration

SonyNGP2456d ago

There's a false portable gaming?

remanutd552456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

no im sorry i meant to say in my opinion , playing resistance retribution on the psp wasnt the same experience like playing the ps3 games , playing motorstorm arctic edge ( even though i think big big did a superb job ) wasnt the same online experience like motorstorm on the ps3 , i mean when i wanted to play with my nephew , younger brother i had to call them over the phone and let them know when to try to look for an online race and if we were lucky they ended up on my race , you could add people you met on the game to your friends list but you couldnt talk , message and even race with them online .

i have played Uncharted Golden Abyss and it feels , looks and most importantly PLAYS like Uncharted on the ps3 so yea its a true portable experience to me and its full psn integrated so hopefully that means no more lack of online features due to hardware .

i guess i should have explained better myself in the first place but things like these is what i meant when i said it gives me that true portable experience the psp never did and i have always wanted .

Game4life2456d ago

Isnt the false portable gaming the ios and android?

HarvesterOSarow2456d ago

yeah? It's called the 3DS! jk I kid, I kid...

SandwichHammock2456d ago

Agree, but I'm still waiting on Sony to patch PSOne classics in. Plus, I know with such specs PS2 classics are possible so I really hope they make that happen despite saying "doubt it". It be awesome playing Ring of Red on the go, or in bed, or in the can...well, I guess one is kinda playing ring of red in the can if they've eaten spicy food.

Neo Nugget2456d ago

The Vita looks like it's continuing the success the psp had in the last half of its life cycle. Thankfully we aren't just going in a circle where we get only get some okay games for the first few years.

supremacy2456d ago

It can more than fill its shoes.

Vita is everything the psp failed to be, you jnow what people wanted the psp to be.

xAlmostPro2456d ago

No it can not fill the shoes of the orignial psp. They're to small for the vitas feet. :P

It truely is leaps and bounds ahead of the originial psp, i don't think it will take too long for people to realise either, depending on how many more "doom & gloom" articles hit the net when it launches in the US/EU. :)

Baka-akaB2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

It's funny how suddenly the psp , in the words of "journalists" , is a great machine , after so many years of telling us it wasnt good enough or selling well enough for its own sake ...

Now the vita even got "shoes to fill" ? Ehhh how times does fly ...

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The story is too old to be commented.