Final Fantasy XIII-3 May Be A Foregone Conclusion

Looking past Final Fantasy XIII-2 and waiting on Final Fantasy XIV might not be the best idea.

First of all, Square Enix still needs to produce Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Secondly, according to Gaming Everything citing the Game Informer review of FFXIII-2, it seems another sequel is "inevitable." Yeah, that's right.

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stonecold32551d ago

yep ffvs 13 still neeeds to be released for the ps3 first before work begins on ff13xiii3

Knight_Cid2550d ago

i dont think there will be one

Outside_ofthe_Box2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

Yeah, I actually think the rest of the story will be handled by DLC and if this is true it'd be an all time low for DLC. I hope people don't buy the DLC if that is the case.

Godmars2902550d ago

The real thing is that some people *wont* be able to buy the DLC because their consoles either aren't online or have a bad/poor connection.

Its really like devs and publishers forgot that about half their market doesn't have full access, are restricted in one way or another, and they just said "f*** em."

Mac is OK2550d ago

Considering how low the sales of FFXIII-2 seem to be compared to FFXIII, there's no way they'll make another one.

GribbleGrunger2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

they won't have to make another one. all they'll have to do is put the cut content online as DLC

goodbye SE, it used to feel like you were making love to me but now i just feel screwed