Can next-gen games look like this?

GB : Have you ever imagined how the next-gen character models could look like? The leap in hardware capability should be pretty sufficient to support high polygon models in-game. Now, most of these images we have below are created via Z Brush, which allows for some insane polygon count and it is simply not practical for these models to be rendered real time in game. Such hardware does not exist unless you do it at some render farm. But there are plenty of techniques like tessellation, which allow for increased polygons without straining the hardware a lot.

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theeg2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

metro2033 dx11 on pc already look better than many of these;


those are all in-game, metro2033 is beyond what next gen consoles will do, it can be played natively in 2560x1600p with 16x anti aliasing and a myriad of dx11 features that next gen consoels will not even dream of.


agreed with you, the ps4 may come out and be a beast, the 720 will be a full gen behind current pc's, if it launches with that ancient, low spec 6670 like people are saying, i dont think MS is going for power at all this time, they are going casual, like nintendo, ps4 is the only hope for a bad-ass, hardcore gaming machine.

but it still won't have jack on pc, unless you want it to cost $900!

torchic2452d ago

really Colwyn? are you going to PS4 spam every article which has anything to do with next-gen until the actual day when we hear anything about the next-gen consoles? like don't you get tired of praising something that doesn't actually exist?

Sgt_Slaughter2452d ago

Yeah pretty much every article involving next-gen or something not involving Sony, you have to bring them up in the comments just to defend them. Truth is, you are one of the worst trolls on N4G. Simple as that.

BuffMordecai2452d ago


Those disagree show some serious butthurt, Wii U isn't going to be that powerful, and the nextbox according to rumors isn't either. The PS4 is the only console that has a chance of being a powerhouse. Also if microsoft goes along with that retarded plan of not allowing used games, I can see a lot of people switching over to the PS4.

decrypt2451d ago

People thinking PS4 has any hope of being a powerhouse are only setting themselves up for dissapointment. All the consoles will be within each others reach.

There are afew reasons for this:

1. Costs- Nintendo proved this gen you dont need a powerful console to sell. MS and Sony started of with alot of losses, they probably will want to minimise the initial loss. Specially Sony barely made a profit this gen.

2. Power requirements- While hardware has become more powerful, it also requires alot more power. Which would again mean expensive PSUs, going into the box, making it heavy.

3. Heat generation- Console gamers tend to ignore this because most of them never have seen a high end PC gpu running. These things generate a ton of heat and need large casings with nice airflow to stay cool.

Why do people think high end gaming laptops come with much weaker GPUs then the desktop version. Its because of the last 2 reasons i mentioned. Hence unless Sony or MS figure out a way to defy physics or dont mind YLOD RROD there wont be a console next gen that even performs close to mid range PCs of that time.

Console gamers i urge you to try and get a chance to seeing a GPU like the GTX 580 running then go on feel how much heat that thing generates. Hell even a midrange GPU like the GTX 560. Anyone of you with comon sense will realise there is no way a console casing can help dissapate all that heat.

moschops902451d ago

i think he said he WANTS ps4 to be that good as it might be his brand by choice, did'nt necessarily mean that it will be.

ShinMaster2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

Nowhere near the same level of lighting, detail or vibrancy.

JohnnyMann4202451d ago

Looks at article pic given..

God I hope not!

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mcgrottys2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

I think I remember reading a while back that Sony weren't going to spend too much on power seeing as how that made them lose out a lot of market share the first 2 or 3 years. Also remember, the xbox was the most powerful last gen so as far as we know the Wii U might be the most powerful... (highly doubtful but still...)and also last gen the PS2 was the least powerful. So only time will tell. Also the graphics leap between xbox/ps2 and 360/ps4 was huge after 5 years so just think about 7/8. But PC will most likely beat them hands down, though there may be a few months where some exclusives may look better than a lot of games on PC but once new hardware comes out that will change.

cyborg69712452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

Your funny the game cube was less powerful than the ps2.

I will dub you as the subtle troll.

Machioto2452d ago

Actually the ps2 and gamecube were equal in power but it was up to developers harness it,if you want an example there was the path of neo that did bump mapping and resident evil out break had the same lighting as resident 0 on gamecube.

yabhero2452d ago

don't crush colwyn's hope of having a 1000+ dollar super powerful PS4 where each games take 5 years to develop and end up with a total of 10 sales

mcgrottys2452d ago

here are the hardware specs for last gens consoles.
CPU- 200 MHz SuperH SH-4
GPU- 100 MHz NEC/VideoLogic PowerVR CLX2
RAM- 26mb

CPU- 294 MHz MIPS "Emotion Engine"
GPU- 147 MHz "Graphics Synthesizer"
RAM- 40mb

CPU- 485 MHz PowerPC "Gekko"
GPU- 162 MHz ATI "Flipper"
RAM- 43mb

CPU- 733 MHz x86 Intel Celeron/PIII Custom Hybrid
GPU- 233 MHz Custom Nvidia NV2A
RAM- 64mb

There you go.

SnuggleBandit2452d ago

While the cell was a factor in the ps3 initial price, far and away the biggest burden was blu ray. Do you remember how much blu ray players cost back then?? They cost more than the ps3 itself!

Next gen they wont have this worry, plus if they use a derivative of the cell, it will be even less expensive for them. I wouldn't count out the ps4 as being a power house yet.

Machioto2452d ago

@mcgrottys you know that frequency is only half of the equation, architecture and over all efficiency can contribute to a good system the core clock of gtx580 is slower than radeon 6970 but nvidia card is faster.

YoungKingDoran2452d ago

cyborg man really? GC was pretty powerful.
play re4 or killer7 on both consoles and tell us the ps2 is more powerful.

Machioto2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

This is what I meant by my first post.

Bereaver2451d ago

Of course the PC will be the best if you're willing to shell out the cash but Sony won't need to invest half of what it did last gen because the R&D is being reused. They'll stick with the Cell and will make something much more powerful without half the costs.

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PopRocks3592452d ago

Uhh, Wii U has been geared toward casual and core gamers. Microsoft is going on a massive casual binge because the Kinect was such a smash success.

SJPFTW2452d ago

its great to know your comparing systems that have not been released or announced yes.

also metro 2033 dont look nearly as good as those pictures

thus your an idiot

Bob5702452d ago

The Xbox 360's GPU in 2005 was comparable to a $600 graphics card. Remember, manufacturers don't pay the same price we pay.

OpenGL2452d ago

They also lost a lot of money on the hardware initially and despite all of their extra processing power, they were quickly overtaken by the Wii in market share.

Microsoft probably wants to replicate the success of the Wii, so they'll launch a console that is more powerful than current gen hardware but still cost effective, making it possible for a $299 launch price.

The PS4 sounds likely to be the most powerful next-gen console but will also likely launch after the other two.

Bob5702452d ago


The idea was to gain back their money on the games and XBL while getting a jump on the market. That worked out pretty well. Less than a year after it came out, the production costs dropped below their retail price and they were making profits on their hardware again. And the overwhelming vast majority of their sales were after production costs had dropped.

They took a hit in the beginning, and it made them a lot of money in the long run. This is Microsoft we're talking about, they can afford to take a gamble like this in effort increase long term profits, and it worked extremely well with this generation.

The Original Xbox also cost more to produce than it's retail price when it first launched. I doubt this is about to change, especially because chances are pretty good that they will want this to last a long time like the current generation has.

There won't be a huge gap between next gen Playstation and Xbox as far as processing power goes, and the hardware will be impressive. Mark my words.

Bob5702451d ago

Not sure why I have so many disagrees. People need to do some research. The 360's GPU is closest to an ATI X1900, which in 2005 would set you back $600, this is fact not an opinion.

JsonHenry2452d ago

They could. But won't.

Don't fret though. If you want games that look like that just pick up or build your own PC gaming rig. You could have some of those pics right now.

ProjectVulcan2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

Pretty much this and OpenGL above this. They could easily look like this now if a manufacturer comes out next year with a 'power' console.

By that i mean a machine they lose money on the hardware to build and fit the latest GPU generation from Nvidia or AMD out this year. That sort of performance fitted to a console would be able to knock these sort of visuals out in 1080p.

It seems likely than Microsoft will join Nintendo in the budget face off, using slower hardware to save money.

Surely one of them will build a power console for next gen? Will Sony? Who knows. We will probably know a lot better how next gen is shaping up by the end of this year.

If they all build very different machines then i think this would be a good thing! Everyone gets catered for, and i can happily buy them all again and they will hopefully all prove to be worth owning in their individual ways because of their variety.

GrumpyVeteran2452d ago

Exactly, this article is pathetic. PC already shits over what people are "dreaming" next-gen will look like. Yawn, next gen is here, leave your ancient console relics behind, guys. By the time the new consoles are out PC will already be 12 times as powerful.

specialguest2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

The problem with a PC gaming rig and its high specs is that you'll never see the full potential of what those high specs are capable of.

Current high end PC rigs are at least 4-5 times more power than current consoles on paper, yet games like BF3 on ultra settings don't seem like they are.

If you compare PC games with 2005 tech (example: BF2) to current consoles, no PC games from 2005 even comes close to the graphics achieved by current consoles. Basically, console specs may seem outdated, but consoles get more mileage out of what little it have.

gobluesamg2451d ago

Yeah I'm sittin in my computer chair at my desk looking at a 24 inch moniter switching between World of Warcraft and jerking off to Anime," says Louis Skolnick aka GrumpyVeteran. No thanks man, I'll take the PS4 on my 55 inch Samsung LED and chillin on my couch and not worrying about swapping out my graphics card.

Big_Dom2452d ago

You're clearly not feeling well. Metro 2033 looking better than a high poly Zbrush model? Have you even seen the kind of detail that a high sub div model in Zbrush is like? There are no tricks involved like a deformation map or normals. It's raw geometry detail that would literally melt any gaming engine out there if a high resolution model were ported over. In fact, many rendering programs like Mental Ray struggle.

Next gen, and even the next gen after that wouldn't get close to replicating a Zbrush model in regards to pure geometry resolution of something like 40 million points at the highest sub div. Whenever a voxel cubic-based projection engine is possible, then maybe the unified skins from Zbrush could be ported directly over and retain the information and fidelity. That could be some time away.

Abdou232452d ago

Actually no,the photos you shows isn't as near as what in that website.Anyway i'd be happy if next consoles can deliver graphics same as Battlefield 3 on PC, logically we should see even more better graphics because Battlefield 3 has already been released and next gen consoles are already still in the works. But wouldn't developers take even more time to make such amazing graphics ?!

Gaming1012452d ago

A lot of the textures look really flat in Metro 2033, not to mention a lot of devs are giving up on PC gaming because of all the pirating that goes on, and to be honest I don't blame them. Why put all your blood sweat tears and long hours into a game that nets no profits because of rampant stealing? PS4 will cost Sony a billion dollars in R&D, manufacturing and marketing so don't expect it to be out anytime soon, but it will definitely impress.
Besides, you can't get the graphics 'theeg' is talking about on a $900 PC anyway, so his point is moot.

mabreu2452d ago

I see one major limitation of all of today's gaming graphics; not a single frame and/or video shows true Ray Tracing.

PC graphics STILL have to rely on "smoke and mirrors" which comes out looking like a grey colored and blocky environment, that happens to have sharp textures. Sorry but this Metro2033 will never look like this attached image.

mabreu2452d ago

Here is a high-res version if your wondering.

Disagree all you want, you know your $6000 or whatever price you paid for your PC will never have the ability to render a game with 100% ray tracing.

The graphics argument is old, what we should be talking about is art direction which has more value in a game than pixel counts.


I totally agree with you, I can't accept any next gen console or era without at least a step in ray-tracing rendering. I have waited enough, we can't wait 20 years more. No ray-tracing for the next gen, no REAL NEXT-GEN. If Sony makes a smart move and don't rely on top star GPU manufacturers like Nvidia and ATI (because they will leave the PS4 with an old-gen crippled GPU) and rely on ambitious independant companies like Imagination with its upcming Power-VR GPUs that can do Ray-Tracing with ease, Sony will impress again like how they did with the Cell, so the PS4 will have another future proof processor and now a future proof GPU add to that some great amount of XDR2 (2 or 4 GB of that RAM can launch a nuclear bomb) and the PS4 will satisfy us and do Ray-Tracing at a certain level. I hope Sony won't go the easy path and opt for less costly but less powerful architecture like Nintendo and Microsoft.

SugarSoSweet2452d ago

Why the fuck are ppl disagreeing with this guy he is absolutely right!!! Must be a bunch of console fanboys

The 720 is going to suck with its crippled entry level 6670 LOL expect 720p sub-hd visuals again console twats

DeadManMcCarthy2451d ago

i agree theeg, only butt hurt consolers are disagreeing with you because they can't accept the truth.

ziggurcat2451d ago

@ theeg

typical PC elitist... and no, those don't look better than most of the images in the article.

CanadianTurtle2451d ago

Bro, those are just images. Crysis 2 looked amazing in "images" for the ps3. But when the actual video came out, it looked like garbage.

theeg2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

those are in game, the ones i posted, it looks even better in real life, unlike console screenshot where you cannot tell how jaggy and poorly the game looks from a screen .

look at all the fake trailers and bullshot console gamers fall for every time, gears up looking almost exactly like gears 2, uncharted 3 look WORSE than uncharted 2.

consoles have been maxed since 2008

ziggurcat2451d ago

@ theeg

uncharted 3 did not look worse than 2. you need to have your eyes checked.

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Burning_Finger2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

Uncharted 3, Killzone 3,God Of War 3 and The Last of Us all said HI!!

theeg2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )


they all look last gen compared to bf3, metro2033, crysis 1, crysis warhead, hard reset, shogun 2 crysis 2, x3, arma 2, anything on pc from the last 5 years maxed out, 1080p, 16x anti aliasing makes those old game you mentioned look last gen.

[email protected],

welcome to the future:) it's always next gen here!

until you join the pc fold, you don't even know how silly people sound mentioning uncharted3 or killzone 3, it like dude, those games look great for console, but old games like titan quest from 2006, or far cry 2 look way better on pc, maxed out in 1080p.....

Mrmagnumman3572452d ago

agree, BF3 looks incredible on my gtx 570 pc, also im a modder, and have gotten some amazing stuff in the crysis 2 mod sdk(aka Cryengine 3) I just joined the pc race around december last year, check out my mod here

Mrmagnumman3572452d ago

Well i have been a fan of pc gaming for a while, but last year i finally built a pc that will run everything at ultra, and 2500x1600 or supersampled, also i have been modding for about a half year, i just was on a weaker pc

FlashBack2452d ago

I don't think so, Uncharted 3 can be more pleasant to look at than far cry 2 at max and 1080p.

_LarZen_2452d ago

BF3 is not a pretty game, take away the incredible stupid sun effects and you have a game that is just like all other games..the textures are nothing to write home about and the shadows in the game is a joke.

GTX590 owner here btw...

hiredhelp2452d ago

You have a £500 card And a game that utilizes a quad core guessin you own a quad core and uses given your supposed gtx590 with 2x 384bit gpu,
You say that frosbite 2.0 is SHIT crap textures nothing to right home about. Stupid sun effects too ca mon.
Really you sure you running a gtx590 ?

YoungKingDoran2452d ago

i still play 8 bit games.
i dont give a shit about that stuff.
ill enjoy the good games, you enjoy your visual fidelity

zero_cool2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )


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BlmThug2452d ago

And PC games said "Bye"

MariaHelFutura2452d ago

That was actually pretty funny.....

Bioshocking2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )


Ps3 vs Pc on N4G...

nothing new here...

come on guys, can't we all get along.

Can't the PC guys admit that the PS3 games look incredible for consoles, and can't the PS3 guy's admit that even though our games look good, they don't match up to the constant graphical updates the PC will recieve.

In my opinion, I like the PS3 games for asthetic reasons alone, but I cant deny PC games look really good.

And seriously, graphics are important and all, but why does everyone dismiss the fun factor and story to these games? Why are we all so obsessed with pretty games?

Sure, I get it graphics are the most notable thing about games, if the game looks good people get interested. But what looks good to you may look different to some one else.

Some guy was saying that Bulletstorm on PC looks better than Uncharted 3.... ok, thats good for him. The problem was that he was acting like a d-bag, completely acting like Uncharted 3's graphics are not special.

Stating an opinion is fine, but we have to stop coming of like a bunch of A**holes raging infront of our computers about what looks best.

Well, it marks the landmark as the PS3 has never been pushed that hard before, they hit the limit to what a 5-6 year old hardware can do.

I occasionally use my PC for gaming, it is not the best rig, but it does a decent enough job.

Guys, we need to get along, this bullsh*t platform war is ridiculous.

Just state your opinion, explain it properly, dont come of as a douche and then get involved in some intellectual conversation.

Not... haha, "KILzONe lOok BEttA thAN aNY Pc GAme"

Just get along and stop acting like d*cks to each other... it's really annoying, and makes us all look bad

MsclMexican2452d ago

holy sh*t dude... that was one of the greatest things I have ever heard on N4G...

+ bubbles for well said,

guys... we need to stop this nonsense.

Just look to the future positively, rather than a bunch of morons fighting one another

DaReapa2452d ago

Wow!! A mature comment. Almost forgot what one of those looks like. Anyways, totally agree. Like you, along with a PS3, I have a semi-decent gaming rig, but it does its job.

dboyman2452d ago

+Bubbles to you. I feel the same way. All this fighting between pc and ps3 fans over certain details they tend to forget the most important things, that games are fun to play. PC games and ps3 games can have own worlds. BTW I game on both....

xtreampro2451d ago

Nice acting there, anyways PC gamers have already accepted that PS3 exclusives do tend to look better than most console games but unlike you and many others we don't claim that every PS3 games looks the best on consoles.

We also acknowledge that PC's completely trump consoles ;)

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Ducky2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

"Now, most of these images we have below are created via Z Brush, which allows for some insane polygon count and it is simply not practical for these models to be rendered real time in game."

... but doesn't ZBrush produce those images in realtime? You can export the model with the maps for a software render, but you can get something fairly high detailed in realtime with zbrush on relatively modest hardware. (Even if it isn't exactly a proper 3D model)

Just have to wait and see what the nextgen consoles boast in terms of hardware.

cannon88002452d ago

it is in real time but when you move the model around, it changes into a less detailed model. and when you stop moving the model around, it goes back to the max detail that it had before.

cannon88002452d ago

All of these pictures are from models made using zbrush and perhaps mudbox too. Zbrush has hd geometry that enables artists to create models up to 2 billion polygons. There's no way that the next gen consoles will be able to run games in real time with characters that detailed. But at the same time, if they have a revolutionary breakthrough in computer graphics software, then "maybe" is a possibility. The only one that's actually running in real time, is the ninth picture with the unreal engine demo. And you can see that it's already not as detailed as the other pictures.

Here are some pictures of models using hd geometry:

That last picture has so much detail that if you were to make a level on it, you would be able to walk inside the "valleys" that are actually the small cracks all over the skull because it has so much detail. None of that bump mapping stuff here.

This is a tech demo that uses tessellation and runs in real time. Anybody with a decent pc and a dx11 gpu, can run this demo. I have a gtx 460 and i can get over 60 frames per second at 1080p resolution, so i know that the ps4 and next gen xbox will totally be able to run games with this much detail.

I hope this makes all of you guys and gals very happy because the games that are going to be released for the next gen consoles will look amazing.


Thank you cannon8800 for your non biased comment and optimistic opinion unlike PC and consoles crybabies. I am a general gamer. I play on any platform that has good games even mobile phones.

yabhero2451d ago

I love how people disagree... whether or you like it the fact is the WiiU qualifies as a 8th gen system... the 3DS and Vita are 8th gen systems...

aaaaaaaaa2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

And if they throw this into the mix, ray tracing processing unit
then we will see nex gen graphics

Relientk772452d ago

I like how the first 9 were like real things/possibilities

then comes #10 Smoke from Mortal Kombat

what? lol