Still unsure about picking up Resident Evil: Revelations?

8bitfix writes: This game has been the talk of the week with price hikes, then drops, typos, and the infamous dongle. Receiving an average review score of an 82 on Metacritic with it ranging from 60 - 92.

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V0LT2454d ago

You spelled it wrong. It's Revelaitons.

redDevil872454d ago

I wonder how much those boxes are going to be worth years from now?

Optical_Matrix2454d ago

I couldn't recommend it more. Best Resident Evil game in years in my opinion.

Baka-akaB2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

Yup but waiting for the Vita version . Nothing against the 3ds one but minor yet decisive enough for me reasons :

-region locking (i only import my games )
- dont care for the 3d effect as it gives me headache over time

PS : Wait it's only retribution so far coming up on vita ? grrr well i'll still wait and see

yabhero2454d ago

AAAAHHHHGGGH!!!! I told myself not to get mad if I saw this. But let me ask you this... What if there is not Vita version? What if it's an exclusive? Honestly if Capcom was stupid enough to port it they would have announced it. They said the game was designed specifically for the 3DS... Why doe sit need to be anywhere else?

Baka-akaB2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

then obviously i'll get it on 3ds later on . Like i've said i can only import games , it's too costly otherwise , and i'm not ready yet to import an us or jap (hell it's a case of needing both even) 3ds .

Not gonna pay 100 to 130 dollars each game .

"They said the game was designed specifically for the 3DS"

Highly unlikely when it would use a second analog present by default on vita . And it's capcom , an easy port on a more powerful machine is more than likely .

They just probably got nothing in the works yet , or some deal . nd we all know those deals never last

Sugreev20012453d ago

In my opinion,it's the best Resident Evil since RE4.