Xbox 360 HD DVD Add-On Posting Respectable Numbers

The HD DVD add-on for the Xbox 360 may not be main stream by any means, but it's still showing some respectable numbers for an add-on. The NPD Group has released some attach rate numbers that may surprise.

Since being introduced, the HD DVD add-on has sold over 269,000 units. That means that 3.4% of Xbox 360 owners have the device attached to their console. While this isn't a large number at a glance, it shows that the device has been embraced by enough users to justify continued production.

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BrianC62344738d ago

They think 269,000 is respectable? Was that written by someone in the HD DVD camp? Wow, look at our huge sales now. Add 269,000 to all those other HD DVD players versus the standalone Blu-ray players and our numbers look great. Bwahaha.

Cherchez La Ghost4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

The same way Sony fanboys screaming that 160,000 Blu-Ray POTC 3 sold versus 8 million DVD9's.

travelguy2k4737d ago

thats like 30% of all HD DVD players seeing as there only about 750,000 HD DVD stand alone players sold. This is an optional add on and is thus considered a stand alone.

LOL PS3 IS JUNK LOL4735d ago

Brian, your face is stupid.

This shows that there are 269,000 people using the 360 for a hd dvd player. They opted to purchase it.....AND THEY USE IT

Sony can't say sh!t about their sales numbers. They forced you morons to buy into blu-ray. I bet most of you idiots don't even have a hd tv.

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PS3 Limps on and on4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

3.4%???? 3.4%!!

That's success?

CeruleanSky4738d ago

The failure of the 360 addon for the dead HD-DVD format is a perfect example of why Microsoft continues to fail in the digital media and console gaming world.

There are a few million diehard foaming at the mouth Xbox/Microsoft fanboys in the US who will buy anything the company puts out and post about it 24/7/365 days a year in every forum on the Net.

What this means is there is no real incentive for Microsoft to ever put out anything of quality or what digital media consumers or gamers at large want.

* The dead HD-DVD format support

* The unprecedented defective by design 360 hardware

* Last gen looking and playing Halo 3

* Paying for laggy P2P play from no dedicated servers

rich13er4738d ago


Grow up.....
I agree that the the amount of units sold is not good and there needs to be a big price drop in the near furture to alround $99.

To your other comments:

* The dead HD-DVD format support
----Dead only to PS3 users. This format wad is far from over.

* The unprecedented defective by design 360 hardware
---- Agreed that the 360 has had issues but the commpany has is backing up its product. Not many companys go to these lentghs.

* Last gen looking and playing Halo 3
----- The graphic and games play on Halo 3 are very respctable. Before making these commemts check out some of the games that have come out for the PS3.

* Paying for laggy P2P play from no dedicated servers
---again grow up you have not idea what you are talking about. if the servers are laggy its casue there are a hell of alot of users on them.... unlike the PSN.

Percy4737d ago

The servers are are laggy because they are crap. You play a game hosted by somebody that could be downloading music and movies while there their roommate surfs the web. yeah it looks awesome when they have a 20-0 kill ratio but everybody else in the room is still trying to see whats going on. F.E.A.R. on the ps3 did that crap too though it sucks so bad im sure its not all games that are like that but to argue that hosted games are better than dedicated servers is just ridiculous.

XxZxX4738d ago

3.4%? LOL

i'm so approving this... Thanks for the good laugh..

vgn244738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

3.4% is almost as many PS3's sold. lmao

No, no I'm just kidding. I know I'll get bashed for that one.

ruibing4738d ago

I suppose that's a respectable number by itself, but not when you compare it to all the Blu Ray devices out there. I really think people buying 360s should stay away from the HD-DVD addon despite its nice low price, because there is a good chance it's gonna turn into an expensive DVD player after the holidays if WB decides to join Blu Ray. And however many people buy those addons, even if the attach rate doubles, it's not going to make a difference in the long run.