Sony’s Cross-Play Capability Will Connect Gamers Everywhere

W75's Victoria takes a look at Sony's Cross-Play capability and gives her thoughts on what it could do for the Vita.

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remanutd552454d ago

i totally agree with her and i would add something else : truly psn integration ( trophies , message , cross game chat , notifications , near and the like ) the psp never really had psn integration , the vita has everything your ps3 has but playstation home so yea it has full psn integration ( heck it has features that even the great ps3 dont lol)

sikbeta2453d ago

What I really want and has the possibilty of becoming the "hit" feature is this:

Remote play + everywhere, using 3G/Wifi connectivity to let you play Your PS3 Games with Your Vita Everywhere, pretty much like Remote Races are done in GT5 (GT5 on PS3 @ Home, GT player anywhere with a PC + internet), althought that's never going to happen :(

Game4life2453d ago

probably wont ever happen at least via 3g because the data wouldnt be transfered via internet that fast but if it was wifi sure

morganfell2453d ago

Oh ye of little faith. Not in 3G but it will with WiFi. We have already seen Battlefield 3 running on remote play.

Sony has already said they plan on remote play for all titles.

The unit has yet to release in it's largest markets and you are already a naysayer. I say you are wrong, quite wrong.

lilbrat232453d ago

Now can you cross game play with ALL games like battlefield, COD or a select few?

GribbleGrunger2454d ago

only time will tell if it takes off (something she never mentions) and only then will i agree with her

wanderson752454d ago

That can be said about any new feature that gets introduced on a platform. But it's a very promising feature. We played with it at CES and it was pretty cool to see it in action. The big question is will the third parties support it?

GribbleGrunger2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

yep, that's the most important question and why i'm holding off from agreeing with it just yet. i largely agree, but not wholeheartedly. i also think that 'near' is a potential winner too, but just as in this case, it's too early to call.

tarbis2454d ago

I hope Sony capitalize on this, they already have Near working, they should not stop there and must continue to expand it.

Rageanitus2453d ago

Can the Vita slingbox with Ps3?

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