Aonuma upset about people acting Deku nuts during Zelda symphony

The Legend of Zelda 25th anniversary concert series Symphony of the Goddesses definitely has a lot fans excited. What dedicated Zelda fan wouldn’t be? Between orchestrated music and meeting other Zelda fans, this is a once in a lifetime experience. But how should people act at Legend of Zelda concert? Aonuma has expressed displeasure at the way American fans have been acting during the concerts.

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jeeves862457d ago

There's a distinct difference between a 'concert' and a symphony. Particularly in terms of how one behaves. Some people just don't know this.

sarshelyam2457d ago

I was at the Pantages symphony in Hollywood. I have slight hearing loss in my right ear, so I was pretty frustrated with the constant howling mid-piece.

I've attended a number of symphonies and plays, and this was by far one of the worst group to be associated with. As a fan of both Zelda and Symphony in general, it was the equivalent of trying to enjoy a performance in the middle of Burning man...minus the mud & nudity.

UltimateIdiot9112457d ago

I completely agree with you. Even if it is a symphony based on music from a game series. It's still a symphony nevertheless so proper etiquette for a symphony concert would apply.

Bimkoblerutso2457d ago

It doesn't make me particularly angry (because people are obviously just excited about the material), but that's exactly why I wasn't a bigger fan of video games live (and most concerts, for that matter). When I go to concerts and symphonies, I go to hear the music. Most people don't.

Personally, I think it's a little sad that the general mentality for mainstream concerts (outside of the rich, old folk crowd, of course) is that if you're not being ridiculously rowdy throughout, then you're not enjoying the complete "concert experience."

BX812457d ago

Since its a game, i wouldn't expect the same kind of discipline as a normal symphony audience. How ever there is a limit. If youre screaming ur wrong.

mike1up2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

I'll be playing the devil's advocate here, however, I do very much agree with comments stated above. When in Rome... act as the Romans do. Symphonies demand a respectful etiquette, and that's just the way it is. If you cannot follow the rules, then you need not attend.

That being said, I literally cringed when I read about how "upset" Aonuma-san was with American fans. You should have just kept that to yourself good sir, because it just screams out of touch. And right or wrong, this is something that many have accused Nintendo of being (out of touch).

I always thought of the 25th Anniversary concert as a tribute, not only to Zelda, but to her fans. It is definitely not a tribute to the stuffed shirt, snobbish executives who play classical music in their spare time. Even Mr. Moore admitted that he had to contain himself during the A Link to the Past performance.

Mr. Aonuma, like it or not, these are your fans! These are the folks that you make wait 5+ years for a new entry every generation! Who the hell were you expecting to attend this concert, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?