Latest Pre-Order Charts - Resident Evil 6 enters Top 10

With the Announcement of Resident Evil 6 last Week, Capcom´s upcoming Blockbuster enters the german Pre-Order Charts.

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Horny2456d ago

I really don't understand the incentive behind pre ordering this early. The stores wont run out of copies first of all and you haven't seen anything but a trailer.

DarkBlood2456d ago

true but im going to preorder it closer to the release date a trailer even though it was cool or not didnt need to convince me to buy the game

PamPoovey2456d ago

We don't know much about it, what if they pull a dmc on us and it's totaly differen't from what we know as RE and I mean TOTALY differen' the pre orders won't be high then....

2456d ago