$20 off Select Titles in Best Buy Video Game Deals of the Week.

Best Buy have released their video game deals of the week. This week highlights include $20 off select games including Battlefield 3, Saints: Row The Third and Batman: Arkham City.

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dmonee3469d ago

Already done. Picked up Batman yesterday. NHL 12 was still 59.99. Picked that one up today for 40. go Best Buy GO!

perdie3469d ago

I got batman for $28 on amazon during Black Friday deals! that was nice

dmonee3468d ago

missed it. B Friday did have some killer deals. I let it pass by and have been waiting for some price relief. Sure I couldve gotten it cheaper somewhere else, but sometimes you gotta have something, and have it now, if you know what im saying.

KontryBoy7063468d ago

battlefield 3 is not on sale. $20 off? it's already normally $39 due to the fact it's not the limited edition anymore. Also best buy only seems to have it at $39 used not new. Well, I just wanted to get it on my 360 I have limited edition on PS3. Gotta play with my other peeps on 360

Lord_Sloth3468d ago

Sweet. I can get a near full refund on BF3!

SSKILLZ3468d ago

Preorder vita and get it one week before........hell yeah