Wii's Secret Mission

Did Nintendo have a secret plan half way through the Wii's life cycle, or is it all just mere coincidence?

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Shok2551d ago

Makes sense.....but I doubt it. The Wii's real mission was to simply let Nintendo bounce back from the Gamecube from a financial standpoint, and to get more people into gaming, in result, creating more gamers.

AWBrawler2551d ago

I doubt it too, but it does seem likely, and if they said that really happened, it wouldn't shock me, no pun intended

iamnsuperman2551d ago

"So essentially Nintendo played them like a fiddle and they won’t be able to release another overly powerful console again that will make WiiU seem outdated as people are assuming. It will make them bleed money and that isn’t good for a business. So, that is what I believed to be the Wii’s Secret plan"

I really doubt it. I believe Nintendo saw a market that wasn't being exploited and could be exploited fairly cheaply (through Shovelware) which could make a lot of money.

AWBrawler2551d ago

not entirely. there will still be games that use Wii remotes and have sword fighting. it's just not the standard one now

WiiUWiime2551d ago

Wht ever the deal is, ninty did sumthn rght, and will do so with the WiiU again!!! ;)

sarshelyam2551d ago

You have a lot of confidence in a piece of hardware that has played second fiddle to its controller.

I have yet to see anything Wii U related that has me excited, merely perplexed. I find it interesting Nintendo is pushing, so heavily, this single player controller experience all while the system remains a mystery.

Time will tell, and I hope Nintendo can reproduce the industry landscape that existed with the SNES, but I've grown pessimistic with their releases and over-inflated "innovation".

ChickeyCantor2551d ago

" so heavily, this single player controller experience all while the system remains a mystery."

It's actually said they are looking into let it work with two controllers.
They would be fools not to.

sarshelyam2550d ago


I don't deny they aren't looking into it, especially after the message, stating otherwise, at E3.

I have to wonder...what do you suppose the attached costs would be? I don't need more controllers over $60...and I can't imagine this being any less.

2EHO2550d ago

Well rumors already state it will be using two controllers. Also they are leaving out info on the console on purpose. They know how quick and easy it is for their ideas to be copied. Reports already state Microsoft using a tab type controller for nextbox.... Plus sony trying to pair vita with ps3 to pull off Wii U like features. Its wise for them to keep secret until closer to launch.

sarshelyam2550d ago


Rumors? Look, if it happens the only reason it did is because of the backlash Nintendo received when they unveiled that P1 would have this cool device, while all additional players were using Wii Remotes. How much disparity do you suppose that would create in a co-operative environment?

Trying to copy Nintendo? Look, they've been doing system "pairing", it's called Remote Play btw, since the PSP.

It's not new, and it's certainly not Nintendo's idea. The Vita does it now, I've seen the asynchronous cross-platform gameplay, it works, and it's available now...not waiting for Nintendo to tout it as their own.

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