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Battlefield 3 is the latest installment to the Battlefield series and it focuses on a multiplayer experience focusing on teamwork and chaotic battles. Is it worth your time though?

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ryandebraal2545d ago

A Fair look at the rivalry

MkaY2545d ago

It is exactly like you said it. The multiplayer is fun, but the solo-campaign is just hollow.

I love how good the game looks though.

lelo2play2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

I would give it a 6.

I didn't play the single player (and probably won't) but the multiplayer is OK. Graphics are great but a with lot of bugs (invisible walls !!! and random death's that are attributed to bad luck !!!). Only mode that I have fun playing is Team Death-match. Conquest mode is OK. Rush mode is crap.

Tanks, cars, helis and planes are good but way to strong. Anti-tanks and anti-air are crap. I shoot an anti-tank against a small car and it won't destroy it right away!!!... unless it's a Javelin, witch takes 5-10 sec just to lock !!! When it locks (5-10 sec), the car is gone already (unless he stops and waits for you to shoot... LOL). Anti-air take wayyyyyyy to long to lock on a heli or plane.

Multilayer maps are poorly designed. Sometimes I waste 5 min just to reach the place where the action is. Most of those times I have to go by foot because there are no vehicles to take me there. In a multiplayer map wasting 5 min just to reach the action, is bad for any multiplayer standards.

All in all, I'm disappointed with BF3. I expected a much better game. BF 1942 and BF 2 where better games the BF3. I won't buy the next BF.

scrambles2544d ago

i doubt you ever even played BF2. The vehicles in this game are so weak compared to any previous battlefield. The tanks in BF2 had a lot of the unlocks standard. Jets destroyed everything.

Anti air is far stronger than in BF2. It was basically useless now it has some chance and stingers are meant to harass not kill them though if used correctly then they can kill.

BF2 maps were far larger than BF3 maps so if you can complain about being too far away then did you only play tiny in BF2?

inb4 trolololol

i agree the most of the vanilla maps suck hard

h311rais3r2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

The vehicles are weak as hell. Your clearly just trolling cuz nothing you said is even close to correct. By your logic a tank should be...a tank? It's 3 rockets from behind. Don't be a line wolf and You will be fine. The fact that u said ur having more fun in tdm also clearly means ur not a bf fan at all. Just troll away troll. Oh and btw. The javelin is supposed to be used with the SOFLAM. Then u don't have to lock on. Jesus learn to play the game before you criticize it. All of your complaint point towards lack of teamwork. Stop with the cod style gameplay and u will have fun. And u said it takes 5 min to reach the action? And u said u played bf2? Please the maps in bf2 were much larger. If u want to play a game where ur always in the action then play cod. Nuff said.

scrambles2544d ago

THANK YOU! You sir are a gentleman and a scholar! God if we dumb it down more for new BF players we will have CoD. And its not EVEN 3 rockets! its 2! 2 rockets and you kill a tank! GOD if ppl stop trying to grind away at a wall with their face and learn to get out a mallet then we would have these problems! Its like ";_; i cant kill a jet with 1 stinger missile!!" STINGER MISSILES need a buff so i dont have to work also add in blind eye pro cuz i cant spend over 2 seconds waiting to destroy this massive killing machine! "I cant kill a tank in 1 rpg! T-T" rpgs need a buff so i kill a tank in 1 shot! "Objective are too far away from each other!" Lets make it Domination from CoD cuz thats so much better!

Everyone needs to leave BF alone and go back to CoD cuz you apparently are far too much of a baby to do something as easy as kill a tank.