TGH: Out This Week: 1/31/12

TGH Writes: It’s been sometime since we had a few big releases in a week. This week seems to really be the start of the 2012 gaming year, with big games such as Soul Calibur V, Neverdead, Final Fantasy XIII-2, and more.

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ShadyDevil2507d ago

Such a good start to the 2012 gaming year. SCV looks great and FFXIII-2 is a must buy for fans. NeverDead is the only toss up.

NovusTerminus2507d ago

I cannot wait for Soul Calibur V!!!

Though I wish my custom character could play like Algol...

Rob9462506d ago

I want a lot of games this week but i'm just going to pick up SCV as i'm such a huge fan of the series.