Wal-Mart Lists Zune Price: $284

It looks like Wal-Mart may have revealed the new Zunes price tage a few months earlier than expected

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The Snake5862d ago

Since Wallyworld typically undercuts everybody else by a slim margin, it's not hard to deduce that it will retail for $299. That seems to have been the price everyone else speculated that they'd have. No big surprise, but still nice to know.

T-Rac5862d ago

well im hapy with my second gen Nano

I know loads ofpeps hate iPods but for me all I want is an MP3 player which plays music and it does that perfectly :D

plus it like $150 cheaper than the Zune

Marriot VP5862d ago

well yah if you don't want video, wifi, and 3 times the space it's only 150 cheaper. It just depends on your wants.

Reaper5862d ago

I cant decide to get weither or not to get this thing for christmas or wait indefinitely for the gaming zune, what would you guys do?

HyperBear5862d ago

A 30GB Vidoe Ipod here is 339.99 and you have to pay to put movies on it form iTunes. So when you look at a M$ product that is only 299.99 and they dont care how you put your music and videos on, like the PSP, just bigger HDD, an online music store and wifi. Which i think is a hell of a lot better than Ipod. Ipods are so hyped up and cost so much for very little they do. Thats why i waited.

Marriot VP5862d ago

plus bigger screen, and hopefully less format blocks. I want to be able to put any song from limewire on this thing. However 300 is out of my league and will probably wait.

OutLaw5862d ago

I really don't like ipods either. But you're wrong about MS not caring how you put your music or videos on the Zune. They are going to use DRM.

Digital Rights Management (generally abbreviated to DRM) is any of several technologies used by publishers (or copyright owners) to control access to and usage of digital data (such as software, music, movies) and hardware, handling usage restrictions associated with a specific instance of a digital work. The term is often confused with copy protection and technical protection measures (TPM). These two terms refer to technologies that control or restrict the use and access of digital media content on electronic devices with such technologies installed, acting as components of a DRM design.

Digital Rights Management is a controversial topic. Advocates argue DRM is necessary for copyright holders to prevent unauthorized duplication of their work to ensure continued revenue streams.[1] Some critics of the technology, including the Free Software Foundation, suggest that the use of the word "Rights" is misleading and suggest that people instead use the term Digital Restrictions Management.[2] The position put forth is that copyright holders are attempting to restrict use of copyrighted material in ways already granted by statutory or common law applying to copyright. Others, such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation consider some DRM schemes to be anti-competitive, citing the iTunes Store as an example.[3]

Enterprise Digital Rights Management (E-DRM or ERM) refers to the use of DRM technology to control access to corporate documents (Word, PDF, TIFF, AutoCAD files, etc), rather than consumer playable media. The technology usually requires a Policy Server to authenticate users' rights to access certain files. EDRM vendors include Microsoft, Adobe Systems, EMC Corporation/Authentica and several smaller companies. There are open source implementations as well. EDRM is generally intended to apply to trade secrets, which are much different from copyrighted material (though there is sometimes an overlap with material being both copyrighted and a trade secret -- eg, software source code), and for whom the primary issue is industrial or corporate espionage or inadvertent release. In most jurisdictions, there is no notion of fair use of trade secrets as there is for copyrighted material. Trade secrecy confidentiality measures are less controversial than DRM applied to copyrighted material, which is commercially sold in many copies.

Marriot VP5862d ago

Outlaw, I really hope you didn't type all that out on my account but thanks for the heads up on DRM. Anyways is it relatively easy to bypass that.

HyperBear5862d ago

what i meant was, that you dont have to buy music or videos from a store like you do from iTunes, although yea i know Ipods you dont have to buy them from the store, but on the video Ipod you have to buy from Itunes. But yea i knew that they were using DRM. I am just meaning that the zune, is like the PSP, all you have to do is download the music or movies and put it on the zune, unlike Ipod, where you have to go through iTunes and all that stuff.

Siesser5862d ago

You do not have to buy videos from iTunes to put them on your video iPod. I have tons of anime, movies, and music videos that I'd already had that I just put on there.

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