Motorstorm RC - PS Vita Gameplay writes:

"RC comes in Motorstorm old action on the screen of the Vita. We find the gameplay too well here. In view of the bird go fast race. See for yourself"

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tethered2458d ago

Think I'll pass on this game. It doesn't resemble Motorstorm much at all.

remanutd552458d ago

ok im a HUGE motorsorm fan , i think lots of people know that on this site and i was seriously anticipating MRC but this doesnt look like Motorstorm at all to me , i dont know what to think about it yet , EVO should release 20 tracks from Motorstorm Apocalypse on the vita and add head to head online multiplayer and cross platform play , that would be a better choice than this

SoapShoes2458d ago

What did you expect? You were anticipating an RC Motorstorm and somehow expected it to be like a Motorstorm with real vehicles?

Half-Mafia2458d ago

Sony would of made a killing, if they made a real MotorStorm game for the Vita launch. Imagen how amazing it would be.

But this version just looks boring.