The Story So Far - Final Fantasy XIII-2

GamingUnion: "Final Fantasy XIII-2 is out in a matter of days, and before you jump into the time traveling adventure, here's a quick recap of Final Fantasy XIII. Read at your own discretion as there are spoilers hereafter."

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Hardedge2453d ago

Story in XIII was actually decent, just told really badly. =.=

Ranma12453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

Falcie, Lcie, Pulse, Pulse Lcie, Cieth.....yeh that made sense. What was all that about?

Hicken2453d ago

L'Cie: Godlike entities that oversaw various things both on Cocoon and Pulse.

Fal'Cie: people branded and forced to perform a task given to them by a L'Cie.

Pulse L'Cie: A L'Cie from Pulse, as opposed to one of the L'Cie found within Cocoon.

Cieth: the form an individual takes when they've failed to complete their task (called a focus).

That's all from memory.

Don't show yourself to be any more of a dumb shit, would you? It's no different than the terminology created for any other RPG set in an alternate world; just so happens that this time, they created their own words.

Is that a problem? Is "Darcsen" (a race of purple-black-haired people from Valkyria Chronicles) a problem? Are the 1000+ Pokemon names a problem? Is the very word "Disgaea" a problem? Is a Wanzer a problem(probably if you tried to take one on without one of your own)?

Is Materia a problem?

Didn't think so.

Don't try to treat the terminology within a game's world as unintelligible simply because you were too ignorant to figure out what was right in your face the whole time.