GamesRadar Final Fantasy XIII-2 Video Review

Final Fantasy XIII was an extremely love-or-hate experience that divided fans. The sequel, however, could reunite them, catering to longtime franchise followers with an increased focus on exploration, discovery and… MOOGLES.
Is Final Fantasy XIII-2 for you? Watch our video review below, and come back for our full review early next week.

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moegooner882453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

no summons,and only two party members, how exactly is this a final fantasy game

iamtehpwn2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

The first Final Fantasy didn't have summons either, I suppose not even the original Final Fantasy was Final Fantasy enough for some nitpickers.

moegooner882453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

don't get wrong, i for once despite the linearity of FFXIII, loved it, mainly cause of the narrative, and story, which many seemed to dislike, now all reviews list the story of FFXIII-2 as a con, add this to the multiple endings, no summons, and 2 party members, and quite frankly u will find that it doesn't feel like FF anymore

MAiKU2453d ago

Even when some Final Fantasy Games have summons, they're not like how they used to be ever since 10.

oh and the monsters in your party are the members in the party so they're party members. easy math!

SephirothX212453d ago

You can collect monsters which is meant to be the most fun part of the game. I think that's better than bad summons in XIII and XII which were mostly useless. Though I do agree that it doesn't feel like an FF game but at least its only a "2" and not a main instalment like XIII was. Versus XIII will either save or bury the franchise it seems.

Ranma12453d ago ShowReplies(1)
syrion2453d ago

yeah, I agree with you !
this game is a joke....
i'm done with SE...

Stealth2k2453d ago

another great score. The average reviews for this game is pretty good

roadkillers2453d ago

With all of the posted FFXIII-2 review scores, I haven't even wanted to comment on any of them. The games not even out and people are bashing it. The games not even out and people are praising it. Whats the point of an opinion if you have nothing to base it on other than other people's opinions?

I, for one, am going to go play FFXIII right now for the first time. Got it at the end of 2010 when the price dropped (find it easier to buy the games when their cheaper and play when I get the time) and figure now is the best time to get into it. Hoping for the best!

Ethereal2453d ago

I really trust GR, although I don't need anyone to tell me what games are worth buying or not. Here I come 2012! Oh on a side note, Best Buy should have demo PS Vitas on display...seriously go check it out. Amazing little handheld, cant wait to see what SE brings to the Vita down the road.

Hicken2452d ago

Gamestop got ours this week, and most stores should have theirs up by the end of the weekend. Got to play some Gravity Rush. CAN'T WAIT!

On topic, it's funny how the haters were all, "Watch all the reviews prove XIII-2 is crap," and since that isn't happening, they're saying, "The scores are wrong; the game (I haven't yet played) obviously sucks."

iamlegend99992453d ago

Haha, you mad. This game is awesome can not wait.

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