GAMERZ411 # 45: Resident Evil vs Dead Space Who Has The Horror Crown?

T-Hill writes: Insomniac an amazing developer who up until recently worked exclusively with Sony has decided to go multiplatform. Did the change cause Insomniac to bail on the Resistance franchise? Capcom drops another bomb on the gaming community with the latest trailer of Street Fighter X do you feel about how they handled Mega Man? Rocksteady to reboot the Ninja Turtles...WTF! Last but not least we speculate on the third character in the upcoming Resident Evil 6 and will Capcom be able to take back the title of boss dog horror game champ.

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thedude442453d ago

for this gen, the dead space franchise has taken the survival/horror crown so far.

in my personal opinion if capcom wants to revive resident evil and relight the flame they once help they need to go back to there roots.

resident evil o( gamecube)
resident evil (gamecube)
resident evil 1(ps1)
resident evil 2(ps1
resident evil 3(ps1)
resident evil 4(ps2)
resident evil code veronica(ps2)
resident evil dead aim(ps2) which would be a great game for the Platstation Move by the way.

Chupa-Chupa2453d ago

Sorry, but Resident Evil: Code Veronica should be listed under, "Dreamcast". GOAT!

thedude442453d ago

whatever floats your boat...

Kurylo3d2453d ago

ps2 version had bonus content like wesker woopn chris at the end of the game.

-Mezzo-2453d ago

Resident Evil hasn't been Horror since "RE:4", i'll pick Dead Space over Resident Evil anyday.

Rampaged Death2453d ago

Dead Space. It's sad that RE has lost the horror aspect.

Ness-Psi2453d ago

revelations has gone back to the old school roots and is excellent. people should check it out.

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The story is too old to be commented.