GameInformer: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review

GameInformer: Fixing The Little problems While The Big Ones Get Worse.

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Ranma12456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

Game Informer gave FFX-2 an 8.75/10, that was ther lowest a "major FF game" got from them prior to this game. So now we have a new record !

Somone fire Toriyama and Wada already, their ruining my favourite series of all time !

I dont want my FF games to be like FPS games: “Toriyama is interested in using first-person shooter games for inspiration rather than other role-playing video games,”


Hawkhunter122456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

Looks like Square wants to add another nail to the coffin by CONTINUING this shitty XIII series by developing another fucking sequel (XIII-3). Who knows when Versus XIII will see the light of day.

colonel1792456d ago

It's not WHEN Versus XIII will see the light of day

It's IF Versus XIII will see the light of day

NewMonday2456d ago

"Fixing The Little problems While The Big Ones Get Worse"
sums up the problem

those disappointed should pick up NiNuKuni

Vortex3D2456d ago

Since Square is unable to ship Vs XIII, they need to milk XIII for profit. XIII-2 is created for that reason.

abcd2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

Fire Wada? Why?

Toriyama wrote the story for FF XIII and FF XIII-2 (not Wada).

Toriyama decided to make FF XIII-2 (not Wada).

KainHighwind2456d ago


-_- seriously, get a life.

ThanatosDMC2456d ago

For a Final Fantasy game 8 is bad.

christheredhead2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

How does that logically make sense? Does Final Fantasy have a different numerical scale separate from other games? 8 means it should be a solid game. Not a bad, terrible experience.

dorron2456d ago

Nowadays most games get scores above 8 easily. So, yeah, a game with an 8 is a pretty average game.

Scores are way too high nowadays.