Why Final Fantasy XIII-2 Is Better Than Final Fantasy XIII

It's not a review; it's a summary of what's better in FFXIII-2. Gameplay-wise, Square Enix seems to have added and upgraded a great deal.

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Ranma12551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

Not accoridng to the reviews.

Almost all review sites: IGN, Gamespot, CVG e.t.c have given it lower reviews than FF13

Redempteur2551d ago

can't you read ? it's not a review ...

MAiKU2551d ago

Why is everyone focusing on the battle system? It's not a standard turn based one, yeah... but it's a bit improved.

And they did add towns and shops and everything... it's not the greatest FF ever but it's an improvement and should receive a higher score.

I think these reviewers are stuck in the past or they're just into the western type games like FPS, Sports, Racing, simulators...

Godmars2902551d ago

Am I the only - former - FF fan who's having a problem with this focus on gameplay and nothing on story?

Know that few entries into franchise have had a good story, but they often have "good" stories. As in some good elements and honestly interesting characters.

Canary2551d ago

I'd say no... but you probably are. Most of us have a problem with the fact that Square Enix has ingored narrative AND story in favor of highly polished visual aesthetics.

MAiKU2551d ago

I thought the story has been great so far... i haven't played the sequel though, it's not out yet.

Cocozero2551d ago

Looks like FFXIII-2 did the trick and won back a lot of fans.

Can't wait to get this, would have got the crystal edition but its all sold out now.