Final Fantasy XIII-2 review: Fixing the past [Joystiq]

Joystiq: There was once a time when "Final Fantasy" meant greatness, when seeing Square's brand on a game box meant you were about to play something special. That time has long since passed. In today's gaming landscape, Final Fantasy is more punchline than powerhouse, more quantity than quality. After the mediocre Final Fantasy XIII and the sheer disaster that was Final Fantasy XIV, many fans have lost faith in the RPG titan.

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LiamIRL822453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

Good review

Ranma12453d ago Show
-Mika-2453d ago

No it wasn't. The complaints in the review did not match the score. I felt that he was just being harsh on the game. It really disgusting how many so called fans can have a huge dislike for something because of 1 game in the series they didn't like.

Megaman_nerd2453d ago

this one would be the third one and for some even the fourth one.


wolokowoh2453d ago

@Megaman_nerd In defense of X-2 the gameplay was fine. It was just the story was that awful. Sure it was dressup with no summons beyond the three transformations but the gameplay and level systems were well designed. Most people mention FF12 too but I would disagree with that as well. You also forgot to mention FF11. FF11 was pretty bad from what I played but I've never been a MMO guy. The same can be said about FF14. I'm neutral when it comes to FF13 though. It was alright if you quit using autobattle, ignored Hope during cutscenes, and actually liked Vanille.

Stealth2k2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

2 games dont make fans. Ive played 10 great new ff games this gen


pointing to 14 is low

and 13 had an average of 84

it was a great game

@ below

above your head? I am not suprised considering the brain capacity of this site

-Mika-2453d ago

Im srry but can you write that in english.

Outside_ofthe_Box2453d ago

You're just upset that FF13-2 is being rated lower than 13 LMAO!

ElliePage2453d ago

I don't need reviews for this game to know how much it sucks. I've seen full streams of Japanese people play it and even they hated it (especially when they wasted their time for a 20 second "true ending"). The game is garbage just like the mediocre FF13 game. Of course, the games will still be overrated and delusional fans will think they've changed when they haven't.

Final Fantasy fans = Sonic fans

Simon_Brezhnev2453d ago

LMFAO Are u serious a 20 second true ending. That just shows how much work they put into it. I bet thats probably the shortest cut scene in the whole game.

Snookies122453d ago

I think he meant the actual ending, the best one which I saw as well... It wasn't anything special. Also, the last fight was kind of disappointing if you ask me. :\

Hicken2452d ago

So when the review's number is to your liking, it's exactly what you expected. But when it's a respectable score, it's useless.

You haven't played the game, and you won't. That's fine. That's up to you. But please, PLEASE shut the fuck up about it. You really have little and less right to an opinion about the game when you're not interested in it.

Except to bash it, that is.

You and Ranma both need to go get laid or something, as this crabby ass attitude has gotten real old, real fast.

tplarkin72453d ago

New Game Plus mode? Or, do you get the great weapon in the end and then have to replay the whole game to go fetch that great weapon, which is only usable on the final boss, again?