Eurogamer: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review

Eurogamer: Final Fantasy 13 reflected the character of its heroine, Lightning: an elite, standoffish soldier who would let nothing come between her and her mission. The game presented a journey so focused and linear that its first 25 hours could be mapped out as an unbroken corridor. And Lightning's purity of focus saw Square Enix discard many Final Fantasy tropes so she could pursue her goals without distraction.

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Ranma12454d ago

Lol, so many 8's, seems this game is worse than FF13. As its getting lower reviews then that game

evercast2454d ago

Ranma1... Apprently you have nothing better to do than going around commenting on every single FFXIII-2 review. If you don't like the game quit clicking on the articles. You obviously have never played it and must be an elitist to think that an 8/10 is a bad score.

I for one am looking forward to this game. From what I have taken from Previews/Reviews and demo gameplay this game fixed the problems that I did have with FFXIII. So looking for to this and Soul Calibur V! (Both games getting mostly 8s btw) :)

MmaFan-Qc2454d ago

what's that sound?

oh yeah, ....thats Ranma1 raging because the game got a good 8/10 aka 4/5

keep raging homie!

BillytheAlien2454d ago 8.

Eurogamer...a harsh review site gives a crappy looking sequel an 8.

So it's on par with Uncharted 3 then since that was an 8 aswell then.......A game which has amazing characters, a great story, good gameplay etc is on the same level as a game which has boring/bland characters, the story is a mess and which battle system sucks....I don't think so

dark-hollow2454d ago

Different games, different geners, different reviewers.

Elda2454d ago

I don't understand why people here think an 8 is bad,anything that scores an 6 or lower is bad 8 is great I will be buying this game.

PamPoovey2454d ago

I guess it's because it's FF, when a FF game comes out it's supposed to get an amazing score, I mean they all have....I think. It's just a thing really....I mean an 8 given to FF is like them trying to give us a 5/6 but sugarcoat it with an 8. It avoids backlash but at the same time lets people know that the game is not that good, since reviewers know that people these days think an 8 is bad now.

Megaman_nerd2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

because the media tends to rate average games with a 7 so an 8 doesn't hold much weight anymore.

GraveLord2454d ago

Waiting for my copy from Amazon!

rhap2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

FF13 was so bad that it makes this one looks decent. Really, only two characters and 500 retarded monsters who doesn't mean anything or have any depth? Same stupid battle system where you don't really control your characters actions? Not to mention the extremely gay characters.

Can't believe people are giving good rates to this game. Prepare to see FF13-3, FF13-4 and etc, because Square is extremely lazy nowadays and they might keep releasing FF13 with small tweaks and different characters until they get enough money.

PamPoovey2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

"FF13 was so bad that it makes this one looks decent"

Thats what I've been thinking, people think Square have actually improved things but come's Square when do they ever listen to feedback then act on it. It's so bad it actually does make this one look better and Square know this so they make out they've actually impoved to give it to them, their smart.

"Prepare to see FF13-3, FF13-4 and etc, because Square is extremely lazy nowadays "

and thats because some people will actually buy this, instead of ALL of us getting a good FF game they'd rather buy it day 1 and fuel Squares money plan by making more sequels to this crappy FF game. You know classic FF fans got FF where it is to day, we should be the ones they care about not the new comers.

evercast2454d ago

Cant control your actions? You obviously have never played FFXIII or XIII-2. You can control every single thing your character does.(coming from over 120 hours in FFXIII)

The 500 "retarted" monsters that "who doesn't mean anything" Are staples in this game. They allow you to customize your party the way that you want. If you want to develop noel and serah into something other than a sentinel. Then you can get a monster to do that job for you. This game gives you so much more freedom to level your characters the way that you want to level them.

"Extremely Gay characters" Wow.. just wow..

Enjoy whatever games you play, I'm sure I have played and enjoyed them too but please don't come onto the comments of a game you hate and make a comment without any knowledge of the subject matter!

Elda2454d ago're just wasting your opinion,I feel the same way you feel,I can't beleive how you'll see the same person or persons spewing their hate & negativity about this game on every discussion forum abut FF-13 & 13-2,I personally never waste my time going into a forum about a game that I don't like or have any interest in saying negative comments especially when I haven't even played the game yet.Again these haters don't want change & they're miserable that 20 yrs later FF has change some of its formula which I don't mind a bit sometimes change is good.

rhap2454d ago

I still recall the times I wanted the stupid Vanille to stop casting Cura when the only one in danger at the time was the tank.


PS: The game is dumb and the battle system is a joke. It could have been much better if they actually gave you the freedom to control the characters the way it should be in a Final Fantasy game.

PamPoovey2454d ago


"I can't beleive how you'll see the same person or persons spewing their hate & negativity about this game on every discussion forum abut FF-13 & 13-2,I"


The same people who defend the crap out of FF13/13-2 come on to every FF13 related article and bash people with a neagtive opinion about really, it works both ways

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