9.4 Xperia PLAY with the Onlive Android app review presents a review of the Xperia PLAY smartphone in conjunction with the OnLive Android app.

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blusoops2453d ago

ONLIVE on PSVita would be so sweet!!

Sobari2453d ago

If it hasn't come to any other game console yet, it probably won't come to the Vita, unless someone hacks it in.

Ness-Psi2453d ago

been playing onlive on my xperia play for a few months now and its pretty awesome. only problem is there isnt enough shoulder buttons and the touch pads dont feel as good as touching the screen to control games.

just seeing arkham city running on my PLAY was just awesome.

ChronoJoe2453d ago

Onlive fans, guess I can expect an unbiased review then! lol

Input lag still kills cloud gaming.

oNIXo2452d ago

After reading this I grabbed the app for my play. I was really surprised how well it works and handles. The lack of R3/L3 sucks, but if you have a Xperia Play, you should have this app. Hell, you can just play the 30 min demos while you're on the go.