THQ Explains The Mysterious Chris Jericho WWE ’12 Profile And Hints He May Be In WWE ’13

WWE ’12 fans have been begging for Chris Jericho’s inclusion in WWE ’12 for over two months. THQ told us that it was out of their control. When Chris Jericho’s WWE ’12 render and profile popped up a few days ago, fans were ecstatic, but now THQ has responded.

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iXenon2456d ago

I wish WWE would just come out and put it bluntly why Jericho isn't featured in WWE '12

jbl3162456d ago

same here. Although I don't think they will ever tell us....

JsonHenry2456d ago

I think I started growing a mullet while just reading the headline of this article.

I miss the N64 wrestling games. :)

DrFUD2456d ago

For a game that releases in November to be talking about how it can't be in this one and wait for the next release while we're still in January is flat out wrong.