New Dragon’s Dogma Trailer Teases the Story

Capcom just released a new teaser trailer of Dragon’s Dogma, giving us a brief glimpse on a full fledged story trailer that we’ll be able to see on January the 31st

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Blastoise2551d ago

This game looks great, hopefully capcom doesnt screw us all over and do some kind of extra quest DLC code thing

Baka-akaB2551d ago

Well isnt everyone doing it lately , save atlus and CD projekt for now ?

Blastoise2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

Yeah but that doesnt mean i agree with it.
@People who disagree`d. Why would you disagree with what i said? I for one miss the days when buying a game meant i was getting a full product, instead of having things held back to be sold to me at a later date.

Tdmd2551d ago

Hype train, here I'll go! x)