Nintendo X Capcom Could Be Shown This Year

Could Nintendo X Capcom be the fighting game Ono delivers for Nintendo's next console?

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Tanir2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

lmao, thhat game would suck so bad, 80% of the characters nintendo has could stand still and a Hadoken would fly over them.

it would be Astaroth vs Yoda all over again except with most of the cast.

not to mention the only character good enough for a VS capcom type game would be Link and samus

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so true dude, i understand your gripe with my comment, buuuut really....Mario vs ryu, kid icarus might be sorta cool, um game and watch vs Akuma, uhhhh, kirby vs.....Dante yeah i see somethin wrong already

meowthemouse2454d ago


Baka-akaB2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

If the Capcom characters could fight on a standstill the usual much more powerful marvel ones ( chris redfield would at best serve as a prison guard in the MU) , i dont see the issue .

In a silly crossover you can actually have Mario as strong if not stronger than Ryu .

Now beyond that i can't say that i'd be interested or happy about it . I'd rather have them do a smash bros game with more 3rd party guests .

It is far more likely that SFXT and or/SF4 would appears on wii u . That or whatever new projects between his wish for Darkstalkers , or some sequel to Tatsunoko (but that would probably be for nitsuma)

zerocrossing2454d ago

Bad box art mega man V new Dante, pi** of fans of 2 franchises with one game! Honestly I could see that happening lol.

Baka-akaB2454d ago

As much as i hate fake dante , i wouldnt mind , and would actually be continuation of the fun . Not going to be b*chting about extra characters and act as if entitled a spot for XXX char instead :p .

AWBrawler2454d ago

My oh my, the misinformed. Here is a list of average height and tall Nintendo characters who can hold their own VS Capcom:
Ike (fireemblem)
Saki (sin and Punishment)
Oni Link
Black Knight (fire emblem)
Captain Falcon
Fox McCloud
Falco Lombardi
Max (Advance Wars)
Tabuu (Brawl)
anybody from Xenoblade
Ray (Disaster Day of Crisis)
Ende (Pandora's tower)
anybody from Last Story

there are plenty more I am missing

Megaman_nerd2454d ago

you people are reading too much into it, the Capcom X Nintendo is just a rumor that 8bitfix created, Ono only said that he is working on a game for the Wii U and nothing more, he didn't even said that it was an exclusive game either.

For all we know it could be an ultimate port of Tatsunoko vs Capcom or maybe MvC3.

Legionaire20052454d ago

Or they could make it like super Mario smash bros with Street Fighter as a twist.

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Bearality2454d ago

I know right? All the characters in Marvel vs. Capcom are equal in size, that is exactly how big sentinel is in the comics.

Megaman_nerd2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

but sentinel is easily scalable but if you try to stretch out Mario it'll look weird. Mario is chubby, he is short and disproportionate.

Bearality2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

Nintendo has a lot of characters that never come to mind right away.

Advance War Characters
Fire Emblem Characters
Donkey Kong
King K Rool
King DeDeDe
Kid Icarus
Jack Hyde
Captain Falcon
Star Fox
Olimar could be the new roll
Ice Climbers

You might be thinking too shallow with Ryu, a human character fighting. Capcom also has a bunch of more cartoony characters as well.

digitaleraser2454d ago

Capcom would end up creating five variations of the game over a three year period, and Nintendo Of America would release none of them in the US...

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